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Discover Italy – multimedia show

Join a fascinating journey through the breathtaking sceneries of Italy from South Tyrol through Rome, Venice and Tuscany. The multimedia show at the Bali Kino in Alzey on April 30… Read more

Weimar – cultural capital of the 18th century

Let Weimar’s rich cultural and literary history enchant you during a cozy weekend away. Here’s the thing: I love historical figures. There’s just something about learning what inspired humans to become who… Read more

Introducing Germany to your visitors

Living overseas means that family and friends want you to play tour guide when they visit. Here are some tips to give them a taste of life in Germany.

Aachen Cathedral

3 Cultural World Heritage Sites in Germany

Germany is a country that has developed a rich culture over centuries and it is blessed with 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites for culture. Here’s 3 of them.

4 favorite places to visit in Portugal

Portugal is a country of stunning variety. Landscapes range from granite topped mountain ranges to golden sand laden coastline.

A weekend in paris

Romance & fashion in the city of love

So much to see in a capital brimming with romance, art and fashion, Paris is a no.1 destination!

The Amsterdam You Haven’t Seen

The breathtaking city of Amsterdam has a lot to offer! This article offers a few off the beat hidden gems to visit while in this magnificent maritime city.

The story behind St. Patrick’s Day

All over the world on the 17th of March every year – impress your friends with a little more knowledge of the historic St Patricks Day.

Berlin – discover Germany’s capital on a budget

In an international survey tourists voted Berlin the most popular city in Germany. What’s its secret?

Top 5 Countries to Visit While in Europe

We surveyed a group of United States airmen, soldiers, civilians and their families to find out where they were happy they’d visited during their time in Europe. Here are their top 5 favorite countries.

The romantic town of Heidelberg

Considered one of the top five cities in Germany to visit, Heidelberg attracts millions each year with its history, art and scenic beauty. Take a stroll through the city or along the river. What are you waiting for?!

Plaza de Toros de Seville

Plan a trip to the beautiful Seville, Spain! Visit the city’s favorite attractions such as Plaza de España and Plaza de Toros de Seville or view the historic city by a carriage ride and much more.

First Aid Kits for Kids

The First Aid Kit for Children

There are many things that are put on a list when planning a trip, especially with children. Unfortunately, many people forget about a first aid kit for children. Not only… Read more

Discover Fascinating Freinsheim

Located near Kaiserslautern, Freinsheim is a fascinating place to visit. It has festivals, a ruined castle, an impressive Old Town, a toy museum and more.

3 Ways to Discover Germany by Train for Less

3 Ways to Discover Germany by Train for Less

It’s no secret that the trains in Germany is one of the best in the world. Here are the 3 best deals from Deutsche Bahn for discovering Germany by train.


Cologne Anyone?

With a history of over 2000 years, Cologne or Köln as it is called in Germany, is now ranked as one of the must-see places in Germany.

Hamburg’s 6 Attractions Kids Will Love

Check out some of the best attractions in and around Hamburg, Germany for kids and parents on a European tour!

A Stroll Through Heidelberg

Considered one of the top five cities in Germany to visit, Heidelberg attracts millions each year with its history, art and scenic beauty. Take a stroll through the city or along the river. What are you waiting for?!

Look Around Historic Limburg?

Come discover Limburg an der Lahn, an historic town in Hesse, for its beautiful medieval churches and half-timbered houses, boat trips, festivals and more.

The Golden City of Pforzheim

Pforzheim, the Golden City, awaits your visit with colorful history, cultural events, museums, great places to dine and more.

Neunkirchen-A German City with an Iron Will

Neunkirchen is an “off the beat” town that’s worth your visit with its rich history, unique sightseeing expedition, impressive industrial complex and much more.

Bernkastel-Kues – Not Just for Wine-Lovers

Bernkastel-Kues offers a nostalgic atmosphere, street festivals, savory wines and a whole lot more.

Start a Travel Souvenir Collection

Collecting momentos of your travels in Germany and other European countries is a fantastic way to savour the memories of your time in Germany as a family.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Skiing

Everything You Wanted to Know About Skiing…

Just arrived in Germany? Then Alpine Skiing should be on your list of things to try. Here is our quick guide to everything you need to know about skiing…

Nuremberg, the Bavarian Jewel

Nuremberg, the Bavarian Jewel

Nuremberg offers a towering castle, Gothic churches, romantic corners and a rich history.

First Aid Kits for Kids

Family Traveling: The First Aid Kit for Children

There are many things that are put on a list when planning a trip, especially with children. Don’t forget your a first aid kit.

Helsinki, Finland

Experience the Stunning Beauty of Finland

Finland is a unique country with lots of beautiful sites and terrific nightlife, which make this northern country one of the most visited in the world.

Highlights of Hamburg

The City of Hamburg is a great visit any time of the year whether you want a romantic getaway, a family break or a lively party weekend.

Fall in Love with Lübeck

Fall in Love with Lübeck

If you fancy discovering a little more about famous cities in Germany, then then visiting traditional Lübeck is the trip for you.

The Most Luxurious And Extravagant Places In The USA

Vacation is no longer a privilege of the wealthy. However, the most luxurious and extravagant places around the world do burn a big hole in the pocket.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel – Switzerland’s Cultural Heart

Check out Switzerland’s international hub, Basel. This city is a great way to start or end your Swiss adventure.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Top 15 Family Vacation Spots in Germany

Germany’s natural beauty, its spectacular landscapes, historical sites, and robust cuisine make the country a prime choice for family vacations.

Validation at Normandy

A vacation in Paris, France is always an experience in food, wine, museums and relaxing walks in the city parks. There is so much to evoke all of your senses –… Read more

Top Travel Hotspots for Literature Enthusiasts

There are many locations dedicated to celebrating and exploring the link between travel and literature. So, whether you are a writer looking to get inspired or simply a devoted reader… Read more

Vittoriosa Marina in Malta

Exploring Malta’s Village Festivals

With autumn and winter looming, offering the prospect of shorter days and colder weather, seeking a break abroad could be a sensible way to escape the dreariness the changing seasons… Read more

photo by Karl Weisel

There’s More to Munich

Don’t wait for the Oktoberfest to enjoy the charms of Bavaria’s capital! While Munich’s Oktoberfest may account for a large number of those annual visitors, the Bavarian capital city on the Isar River beckons those from far and wide year-round.

Oktoberfest Germany

Oktoberfest lessons from Munich

I attended my first Oktoberfest in Munich a few years ago and although it was a memorable experience, I learned from the mistakes of not planning ahead and flying by the seat of my pants. Here is our Oktoberfest experience to help you plan yours!

Gran Canaria: one quick flight away

Learn about Gran Canaria, Spain and how to save money while exploring this gorgeous, friendly island.

Prague – just a drive away

This Czech city is driving distance from many U.S. Army and Air Force bases here in Germany (5.5 hours from Ramstein, 5 from Wiesbaden, 4.5 from Stuttgart and only 2.5 from Grafenwoehr) and with a little planning, can be a much more affordable trip than to Paris or Venice, without sacrificing the incredible architecture, wonderful restaurants and conveniences of it’s more well-travelled counterparts.

Frankfurt market

4 things to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is often overlooked by tourists passing through the international airport, but its city center is a unique blend of traditional and modern and is the perfect place to explore and experience the best of what Germany has to offer.