Top 9 Things to Do in Enchanting Venice

Venice is such an enchanting city! Here are nine top things to do and things you should know to get the best experience out of this alluring city.

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The Quiet Riviera: Italy’s Lovely Liguria

Take a weekend trip to Italy’s Liguria region! This gem of a region has beautiful beaches, picturesque views, delectable dishes, sheer opulence and more.

Experience Venice like a Venetian

Venice is an absolute must visit destination regardless if you travel with your spouse, family or friends. Take a boat journey on canal, discover St. Mark’s Cathedral, visit the secret gardens and more.


Five Kid-Friendly Attractions in Rimini

Rimini is a splendid seaside resort on the North Eastern coast of Italy. It’s a beautiful spot for a late summer vacation with the kids.

Italy’s Romagna

Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region is a traveler’s delight. Stepped back in town and enjoy the divine food, medieval castles, spectacular views, and so much more.

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Scrapbooking your time overseas

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Visit sunny Sirmione in Italy

This beautiful city in Italy has much to offer vacationers seeking out the Italian sunshine and culinary delights.

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Emilia-Romagna – Italy

Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region is a traveler’s delight. Stepped back in town and enjoy the divine food, medieval castles, spectacular views, and so much more.

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Italy’s Tasty Treasures

From the coast to the mountains, traveling to Italy is paved with delicious opportunities for discovery! Make Italian cuisine from scratch, enjoy delicious wine, assist with the olive harvest and more.

Tuscany, a World-Class Destination

Tuscany is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for its beautiful landscapes, world famous art, exquisite cuisine and excellent wines.

Unmasking the Festival City of Venice

Venice is an amazing city with gondolas, festivals, unforgettable romantic backdrops, amazing food and so much more. This most beautiful man-made city awaits your visit.


Taormina, Sicily – A Mediterranean Jewel

Overlooking the Ionean Sea in northeastern Sicily, Taormina is a beautiful town and offers everything you need for a perfect vacation.

Shopping in Italy

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Explore Venice in winter and early spring

Venice is one of those cities that enchants you long before, during, and after your visit. The fact that it is the backdrop for so many movies, books, love stories and drama means it has a unique place in history and sits on most people’s dream travel list. So, if you are living in Germany and have the opportunity, be sure to go!

Prosecco from Italy

Have you tried Prosecco?

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