Top 5 Countries to Visit While in Europe

We surveyed a group of United States airmen, soldiers, civilians and their families to find out where they were glad they’d visited during their time in Europe. Here are their top 5 favorite countries:

1.  Italy

(particularly Pompeii, Herculaneum, Rome, Venice, Florence, Chiratta, Midnight Mass at the Vatican, and northern Italy)

“The site my family most enjoyed visiting is the ancient ruins of the city of Herculaneum in Naples. The ruins, most well-known for being destroyed and buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD are amazingly well-preserved and the guided tour in English was fascinating and informative.”

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2.  Germany

(Neuschwanstein, the Birkenstock Store in Kaiserslautern, Garmisch, Berlin, Trier, Bavaria, Baden-Baden, Dachau-Munich and Heidelberg)
Berlin: “The history of the last 60 years fascinated me—the fact that people had to live in a divided city.”

Baden-Baden: “Spas, hotels, the people, the food. Just the whole stay — three days; it was great.”

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3.  France

(Cote D’Azur, Paris—the Louvre, Normandy, Aix en Provence, the French Alps and Strasbourg)

French Alps, Haute Savoic: “High above Lake Ammecy there was no sound except the tinkling of cowbells ris- ing from the valley floor. Behind me, Mont Blanc dominated the horizon some 50 km away. Brilliant.”

Strasbourg: “The old town. What a wonderful mix of cosmopolitan and medieval beauty… the half-timbered houses, with lovely flower boxes in the windows, contrasted by upscale stores and shops. The sights, the smells and the food coupled with the ease of getting around made this a favorite spot for us.”

Paris is always a good idea.

4.  The Netherlands

(Amsterdam, Edam, Keukenhof, and Duinrell, Wassaner)

Edam: “It’s a tiny village—all walking cobblestone and streets with gingerbread houses.”

Keukenhof Gardens: “The flowers were fabulous and the history of the Netherlands is interesting. The people are very friendly and tolerant.”

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5.  Great Britain

(London, Scotland)

London: “So many historical things to see!”; “The people, the shows, the pubs…”

Westminster Abbey: “Being in the presence of the bones of people whose decisions still reverberate today.”

London calling. 

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