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Top Travel Hotspots for Literature Enthusiasts

Here’s the thing: I’m a huge nerd. That’s neither good nor bad but I’ve come to the realisation that it tends to influence the process of picking destinations for my… Read more

Scrapbooking your time overseas

Winter City Destinations

There is no question that winter has arrived in Germany! With that never-ending gray sky, the chilly temps, and the wet rain or snow on the ground, it is easy… Read more

The English Theatre, Frankfurt

World-Class English Theatre in Frankfurt

The English Theatre Frankfurt, the largest English language theatre in continental Europe, was founded in 1979 by three Americans and one South African.


Berlin Tattoo – World-Class Military Show

The Berlin Tattoo will take have over 700 participants will create a unique show of music, song, dance, choreography and special effects.

Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden

The Hessian State Theatre of Wiesbaden under the direction of Manfred Beilharz, is one of the most successful theatres in the German speaking area.

Saturday Night Fever The Musical

Saturday Night Fever The Musical

The 1970s was a turbulent decade in America. The Vietnam War was coming to an end, racial tensions were high, news of the Watergate scandal raised questions about the country’s… Read more