On Thursday, November 10, between 5:00 am and 6:30 am, TKS will implement a major network upgrade that will result in a temporary interruption of all TKS network services at military installations… Read more

COVID digital certificates: apps and tips

November 12, 2021 It is increasingly important to have a COVID digital certificate on you at all times. Depending on where you live, you might need it to get into… Read more

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Manage Stress with Mindfulness Meditation

Managing stress has never been easy, and COVID has certainly not helped. But mindfulness meditation is specifically targeted at helping you tackle such challenges.

Understanding COVID incidence rates in Germany

May 25, 2021 As the German federal government and state governments publicize plans for reopening the country, it seems like one phrase is everywhere: incidence rates. Incidence rates are how… Read more

KMC: Rheinland-Pfalz announces three-step plan for easing COVID restrictions

Courtesy Translation by Nadine Bower U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden May 14 2021 On May 11, Rheinland-Pfalz Minister Malu Dreyer announced a three-step plan for safely re-opening the state. A full… Read more

Rheinland-Pfalz COVID restrictions: what to know

May 12, 2020 Even though the German Parliament recently eased restrictions for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID, many regulations remain in place. Additionally, different German states may have… Read more

“Re-open EU” – a helpful tool for understanding COVID rules in EU countries

May 10, 2020 As the number of people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 continues to rise, European countries are returning to the question of how to re-open for “normal”… Read more

Germany passes bill to allow privileges, reduce restrictions for vaccinated people

May 7, 2021 Today, the German parliament approved a bill that allows increased privileges and reduced restrictions for people who have received a full COVID-19 vaccine. The same rules would… Read more

Germany’s “Federal Emergency Brake” – Questions Answered

Courtesy Translation by Nadine Bower U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden April 26, 2021 When will the new Infection Protection Act apply? The 4th Civil Protection Act, or so called “Federal Emergency… Read more

EU Signals Possibility of Allowing US Tourists Soon

American citizens who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 may soon be able to travel to Europe. In an interview given to the New York Times, Ursula von der Leyen, president… Read more

Germany extends lockdown, unveils 5-step plan for easing restrictions

March 4, 2021 Current lockdown rules in Germany have been extended through March 28. This decision came yesterday, after federal and state leaders met to discuss COVID mitigation rules. However,… Read more

Germany extends COVID lockdown regulations

January 20, 2021 In an ongoing effort to mitigate the spread of COVID, Germany extended key lockdown rules until at least February 14. This decision came following yesterday’s meeting between… Read more

Finding clarity in COVID regulations: where to turn

October 20, 2020 Recent weeks have brought a flood of information about new or strengthened COVID-19 restrictions. For good reason, too: the number of infections is rising quickly in Germany… Read more

Reducing contacts: German government moves to combat rising infections

October 19, 2020 With COVID infections rising in Germany at rates not seen since the spring, the federal and state governments agreed last week to institute a new “hotspot strategy.”… Read more

Germany Strengthens COVID Regulations as Cold and Flu Season Approaches

September 30, 2020 In anticipation of cold and flu season, Germany strengthened regulations designed to reduce the spread of COVID. The updated policies will be applicable across the country. As… Read more

Munich Tightens COVID Restrictions

Septebmer 22, 2020 Following a week-long stretch of rising COVID-19 incidence rates, the Munich city government instituted tighter restrictions with regard to public spaces. New restrictions in Munich Masks are… Read more

Masks and gatherings: Germany strengthens regulations

August 29, 2020 Germany recently strengthened regulations intended to fight the spread of COVID-19. A joint federal and state resolution was released that included new guidance in three key areas…. Read more

Returning to Germany? Know Your High-Risk Zones

August 11, 2020 Even though most of Europe is on summer vacation, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. To help reduce pandemic-related risks, Germany’s Federal government continues to release guidance for travelers… Read more

Distancing Guidelines Remain Until at Least June 29

June 12, 2020 Germany has extended social distancing guidelines until June 29. The nuts and bolts of what distancing entails has not changed. When in public, people are required to… Read more

Further Opening: Germany Lifting Travel Restrictions

June 9, 2020 Beginning June 15, Germany will officially lift travel restrictions with a number of European countries. After nearly three months of strict border controls, the country will open… Read more

Green light: no restriction on fresh air

May 16, 2020 Despite so much uncertainty, one thing remains clear: no matter where you find yourself in Germany, it is perfectly fine to go outside. As borders begin to… Read more

German Borders to Open in Phased Approach

May 14, 2020 Germany’s borders are beginning to open…slowly. After having closed its borders to all non-essential traffic in mid-March, Germany announced recently that unrestricted travel to and from Luxembourg… Read more

Back on the Menu: Rules for Navigating Reopened Restaurants

May 12, 2020 Beginning tomorrow, some restaurants in Germany may open their doors to the public once again. Depending on which state in Germany you find yourself, regulations may differ…. Read more

Know Before You Go: Restrictions on Gatherings

May 11, 2020 Even as German shops and restaurants begin opening their doors to the public again, restrictions on gatherings – both large and small – remain in place. Though… Read more

Back in Business: What You Need to Know as German Shops and Restaurants Reopen

May 9, 2020 If you’ve missed shopping and eating out in Germany during the past two months, this week brought good news. Following a May 6 press conference by Chancellor… Read more