Green light: no restriction on fresh air

May 16, 2020

Despite so much uncertainty, one thing remains clear: no matter where you find yourself in Germany, it is perfectly fine to go outside.

As borders begin to reopen, many people who have been cooped up for two months are downright starving for adventure. Though international travel is mostly forbidden and overnight stays are forbidden, the great outdoors are good to go.

Here’s what to know as you consider your day-trip options.

What can I do outside?

  • Outdoor fitness activities such as jogging, walking and bicycling.
  • Outdoor recreation activities like hiking or trail biking.
  • Fun with dogs: dog walking and most dog-related activities.
  • Non-contact activities such as golf or tennis.
  • Depending on where you are, zoos, botanical gardens and parks are either open or will be open soon.

How far afield can I venture?

For Americans in Germany, the distance which you can travel from home depends on where you live.

Those in the KMC, for example, may travel up to 100 kilometers away from their home or duty station. In Bavaria, that distance is 50 kilometers. In Wiesbaden, no restrictions exist, but overnight trips are strictly forbidden.

These restrictions may change rapidly, too, depending on guidance from the German government and Federal states. Bottom line: make sure you’re aware of what your local and command regulations say.

What to do?

Possibilities for outdoor fun in Germany are almost limitless.

Take your family for a forest walk or get outside with your dog. Dig deeply into all the hiking available in nearby forests, hills and mountains. Or start here for a host of potential options.

What can’t I do?

For the moment, the following activities are still prohibited.

  • No tent camping or use of campsites for tourist purposes.
  • No holiday homes (i.e. AirBnb).
  • No overnight trips.
  • Many activities that have outdoor components but require admission or tickets may still be closed. Be sure to check before you go.

Remember, masks are mandatory for any trip outside your home. Physical distancing rules, in which a distance of 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) must be maintained between you and the nearest person, remain firmly in place until at least June 5.

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