Visit sunny Sirmione in Italy

by Brittny Mejia

Sirmione, located in the province of Verona, only about two hours south of the Austrian border, is a small town on Lake Garda. It is not only a “town on the lake,” but also an island, as the heart of the city is located on a large peninsula that ventures into the southern tip of the lake.

Boats speed across the water as children play on the shore and enjoy the Italian sunshine. Tourists relax and savor gelato from the gelateria while they chat in different languages: German, Dutch and Italian, of course.

Resort vacation? Not a chance. The hotel pools throughout Sirmione remain mostly empty during the warmer months, and for a good reason. Tourists would rather head to Lago di Garda, or Lake Garda as it is commonly called, and spend hours diving off the dock or simply swimming in the water.

Others choose instead to sit and drink in the view of the country’s largest lake. Finally, the more adventurous ones rent a boat and take a spin on the water, admiring the beauty of the mountainous, green scenery.

Don’t be fooled and think Sirmione is solely a tourist temple. Alongside the bars, restaurants and lakeside activities are cultural attractions such as the ancient Roman ruins and a medieval castle, Rocca Saligera. Though the lakeside view is impressive, the view from the castle tops it all.

Visitors who get tired of Sirmione, although it is hard to do, will find plenty of other things to do nearby. Popular cities such as Verona or Milan are less than a day trip away. And for people without cars, the many other towns around the lake provide just as much, if not more, to do than Sirmione itself.

Nevertheless, it is important to have a transportation plan in order to fully enjoy the vacation. Public transportation is relatively good, with options ranging from ferries to buses and taxis.

The nightlife can prove to be just as interesting as the daytime activities, as tourists and residents alike sit at the bars enjoying music and good company. Campari is a good drink choice for those interested in the full Italian experience. But regardless of the beverage, you are guaranteed to have a fun, relaxing night.

Sirmione has something exciting to offer everyone. The main concern is attempting to fit it all into one vacation! However, wherever you end up, make sure to take a trip to Lake Garda and see the beauty for yourself.

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