Museums & Exhibitions

Weimar – cultural capital of the 18th century

Let Weimar’s rich cultural and literary history enchant you during a cozy weekend away. Here’s the thing: I love historical figures. There’s just something about learning what inspired humans to become who… Read more

Vienna – a classic gem

Vienna is steeped in history, a top global city with must see museums and galleries, delectable cuisines, tasty drinks and terrific views.

Discover the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt

Senckenberg (Natural History) Museum in Frankfurt is a fun and educational way to spend an afternoon. This museum is also the home to the most extensive collection of dinosaurs throughout Germany.

Many reasons to visit Speyer!

There are many reasons to visit Speyer including museums, sea life, hiking and biking, wine-tasting and of course great places to eat.

The romantic town of Heidelberg

Considered one of the top five cities in Germany to visit, Heidelberg attracts millions each year with its history, art and scenic beauty. Take a stroll through the city or along the river. What are you waiting for?!

Things to do with kids in Germany

7 Great Day Trips in Germany with the Kids

From swimming pools to steel factories, there are so many places to visit in Germany. Here’s some ideas for 7 great day trips, with or without the kids…

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

5 Things You Will Love About Berlin

Berlin is one of the most desirable destinations to visit. Things that allure millions each year include the sheer vibrancy of the city, its rich history, various landmarks, and so much more.


Cologne Anyone?

With a history of over 2000 years, Cologne or Köln as it is called in Germany, is now ranked as one of the must-see places in Germany.

Hamburg’s 6 Attractions Kids Will Love

Check out some of the best attractions in and around Hamburg, Germany for kids and parents on a European tour!

Warnemünde - Baltic Seaside Resort

Warnemünde – a Resort on the Baltic Sea

Visit Warnemünde, the attractive seaside resort of the Baltic Sea. There are many attractions at this seaside resort that will make your visit a memorable one!

Metz France

Discover the Beauty of Metz, France

This beautiful city will charm you with its culture, cuisine, history, art, shopping and so much more. Take advantage of your time abroad and proximity and discover the French city of Metz.

Straw Sculpture Easter Festival – Ludwigsburg

Now until April 26th Ludwigsburg’s Straw Sculpture Easter Festival offers family fun including egg decorating, a maze, boat rides, petting zoo, a castle tower and much more.

The Puzzling City of Ravensburg

If you haven’t visited the puzzle town of Ravensburg, it definitely warrants your visit! It has rich history, a museum district, a shopping district, many towers and surrounding vineyards.

A Visit to the Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Take a little history trip at Nürnberg’s Nazi Party Rally Grounds Museum. This museum documents the rise and fall of the Nazi Party in Germany with specific focus on the rallies and trials in Nürnberg.

WWII History in Charming Bayeux, France

The charming Bayeux, France was the first town to be liberated after D-Day and is a small tourist friendly town with lots of shopping and restaurants.

Pfahlbau Museum– Stone Age Dwellings

Pfalhbau is an interactive and educational museum. It presents archaeologically reconstructed versions of lake dwellings of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

Step Back in Time in the Black Forest

Vogtsbauernhof Outdoor Museum is a sprawling area that offers sunshine, fresh air, countryside views and a look into historic farmhouses of yesteryear.

A History Lesson in Bitche, France

Take a day trip to the French town with the funny name. Bitche offers rich history, rich history, an audio guided tour, a U.S. connection and more.

Sonnenbühl Easter Egg Museum

Sonnenbühl is a quaint, friendly town with one of the few Easter Egg Museums in Germany, caves for exploration, Michelin star restaurants and more.

Porsche Museum- A Car Enthusiast’s Haven

The Porsche Museum is a car enthusiast’s haven with its incredible architecturally designed building that houses interactive and informative exhibitions.

Dialog In The Dark

Story by Corinna Emser Photo courtesy of Dialog Museum, Frankfurt If you lose one of your senses, all others are heightened. If you lie with your eyes closed on the couch,… Read more

Things to do with your kids in Frankfurt, Germany

4 Things to do with your kids in Frankfurt

4 things to do with your kids in Frankfurt, Germany, a quick trip from the Ramstein and Kaiserslautern military communities.

Let your kids explore science at the Dynamikum (Science Center)

The Dynamikum (Science Center) in Pirmasens is filled with over 160 science-based exhibits for your kids to explore.

German artists on display in Wiesbaden gallery

KunstKontor in Wiesbaden has a Christmas exhibition running from now until January 31st, 2013 called “Impressions, color, encounter”.

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is one of the best ways to delight the car enthusiast in your life with 80 vehicles on display.

Frankfurt market

4 things to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is often overlooked by tourists passing through the international airport, but its city center is a unique blend of traditional and modern and is the perfect place to explore and experience the best of what Germany has to offer.

Visit the Whisky Museum in Kirn

The castle and guard house, which house the Whisky Museum, are landmarks of the town of Kirn.

6 Museums in Frankfurt, Germany

6 Museums To Visit near Frankfurt, Germany

When the weather refuses to cooperate with your weekend or holiday plans, spending the day at one of Germany’s many museums is the perfect way to get out of the… Read more

The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz

The Gutenberg Museum lies across from the cathedral in the historic section of Mainz and is a treat for those interested in the advent of printing.