International Delights at the Whisky Museum in Kirn

Here’s a unique experience awaiting you at the Restaurant & Whisky Museum auf der Kyrburg. The castle and guard house are landmarks of the town of Kirn, which is very close to Baumholder and a beautiful one-hour drive from Wiesbaden, Ramstein or Kaiserslautern. The museum and restaurant are open but please plan your trip in advance.

Kyrburg was first mentioned in the year 1128 and has changed hands numerous times over the centuries. Herr Horst Kroll, the current owner, has converted this castle into a restaurant and museum with special activities scheduled throughout the year, normally on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Kyrburg Restaurant in Kirn, Germany

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday, the museum upon consultation. After a three-course dinner in the Wachthaus (Guard House), which was built in 1764, your group can descend into the arched cellar for the scotch tasting and entertainment. This is the heart of the action: the Whisky Museum, which has over 3,500 bottles for viewing and, depending on the bottle, tasting.

Inside the Whisky Museum, Germany

The tasting is led by the lord of the castle, Herr Kroll. Live music may not be provided due to covid. The price is from 70 to 95 Euro per person for the evening depending on the scotch and entertainment offered. There is a wine menu available, and you can order whatever scotch suits your fancy at additional cost.


Scotch tasting at the Scotch Museum


I have attended one of these evenings and it was really a great time! I will soon be making a second trip. We deicded to stay overnight in a nearby hotel, which we found on their website. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but you can visit the museum for a nominal fee on other days after 11:00 A.M. Please call 06752-91190 to let them know you’d like to see the museum. Many events are fully booked up to a month in advance, so make sure to make a reservation in time. Private events can be held at the venue as well.


Whisky Museum in Kirn


Please note:
If you make a reservation for 10 but only 8 show up, you will have to pay for all ten because the whisky is poured in advance, not when you arrive. If you cancel in advance, you will not be charged for no-shows.

It is definitely possible to have friends join you for the dinner portion only.  This could be the case if you don’t drink but just want to join the fun. Let the restaurant know in advance who will not take part in the whisky tasting, otherwise, you will be charged for both the dinner and tasting.

COVID-19 note:

You no longer need a negative test result but please bring a face covering.

Upcoming Events:

Classic Malts of Scotland Sep 3, 2021 (€90)

Game of Thrones Sep 4, 2021 (€100)

Down by the River Sep 10, 2021 (€100)

Single Cask Whisky Sep 11, 2021 (€120)

For more information:

Restaurant & Whiskymuseum auf der Kyrburg
Auf der Kyrburg 1
55606 Kirn
Phone: 06752-91190
e-mail for Reservations:

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