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5 Things You Will Love About Berlin

There are many reasons why Berlin is a great city. I can’t hope to cover them all, but there is perhaps one thing that draws me to the city more than all other things put together: It is the feel of the city that makes me think it is alive. Berlin is a gigantic, beautiful living thing which affects all those who walk its sprawling streets in some minute way. Berlin may be crowded and sometimes a little clustered too, but it is alive! Here are five reasons you’ll love Berlin, too.

1. Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, the icon of the city of Berlin, is perhaps the most visited landmark in Germany. The gate has played many important roles during the 300 years since it was first built. It has been considered a symbol for war, peace, terror, victory and unity, as well as it is an embodiment of change and the adaptability for Germans.

The citizens of Germany hold it in very high esteem and with good reason. It is where Ronald Reagan said the famous words “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” I personally went out to see it at night; the lighting brings the statues atop the gate to life. The history of the place is palpable, and the very air is thick with it. Definitely something you should make time for.

2. Museumsinsel

Berlin Museum Insel© Shutterstock-Sean Pavone

Berlin’s richness in history is clearly reflected by the large number of museums that are sprawled across the beautiful city. The most important museums are all conveniently located in one spot called “Museumsinsel.” The Museum Island on the Spree River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The museums here are full of interesting and important historical artifacts from antiquity like the famous Ishtar gate of ancient Babylon and the bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Berlin’s Museum of Natural History has perhaps the world’s largest mounted dinosaur skeleton. I found the trip extremely educational and interesting, an enlightening experience. I took away much from just one visit.

3. Fernsehturm the TV Tower
Fernsehturm was built in the 1960’s in the section of the city that was once called East Berlin. The TV tower is the tallest structure in Germany with a breathtaking height of 368 meters! The observation deck at the top of the tower provides a beautiful view over the city of Berlin, and on a clear day the visibility from the observation deck is said to be over 42 kilometers.

You may have been told that the Fernsehturm is called “Telespargel” or maybe you’ve heard another strange nickname. I visited the tower multiple times as I simply couldn’t get enough of the Berlin skyline. It has a vantage point like none other.

4. Food

Currywurst© Shutterstock-rayjunk

Ah, German cuisine is truly a delight! The first thing you need to try in Berlin is Currywurst. Currywurst is the name used for a fast-food made up of slices of delicious German hot sausages, seasoned with ketchup and curry powder. It was invented in Berlin and is said to be the most popular fast food in Germany. I personally went to Konnopke’s in Prenzlauer Berg and I found it better than most other joints in the city.

5. The  Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall© Shutterstock-aldorado

The Berlin Wall holds an important position in history and was the famous symbol and passage between West and East Berlin during the Cold War. Sometimes called Checkpoint Charlie, it is said that it was used by many German Democratic Republic or GDR citizens to go from East to West Berlin.

Also, the famous Berlin Crisis standoff between US and Soviet tanks took place at Checkpoint Charlie in 1961. And at “Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, Mauermuseum” you can see some of the most interesting escape vehicles used while the country was divided, including the one-man submarine and some other exhibits that document the time during the division.

Checkpoint Charlie© Shutterstock-Sergey Kohl

Getting There

Berlin is between a 6 to 7 hour drive from Kaiserslautern, Wiesbaden and Stuttgart. The most relaxing way to travel is to let Deutsche Bahn do the work and jump on a train instead.

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