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If you’re in the neighborhood of Lake Constance, you can visit a museum that is like no other. Tucked away in the town of Uhldingen-Mülhofen, Pfahlbau Museum is a gem of an interactive and educational exhibition that transports you back in time.

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Pfahlbau Open Air Museum presents archaeologically reconstructed versions of lake dwellings that existed during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. They are popularly known as pile dwellings, as the houses were erected atop wooden pilings pounded into the ground, underwater.

Situated in the middle of the oldest nature reserve in Lake Constance, construction of Pfahlbau Museum began in 1920. Construction was done after the remains of a 4000 BC Neolithic settlement were found at an archaeological excavation in a bog close to the Federsee and Bad Schussenried.

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Pile dwellings were in existence for a long time along the shores of most large lakes in Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany. It is known that there were approximately 100 to 400 settlements that once existed around Lake Constance.

These lake houses on stilts were built due to their proximity to fresh water, food supplies and trade routes. It was easy to keep domestic animals in the village while keeping wild animals and human raiders out. The stilts served as protection against flooding and offered some defense against vermin and pests.

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Pfahlbau Museum is one of the largest open air exhibitions in Europe. It features two villages comprised of 23 different dwellings. All are linked by wooden bridges.

Once paying for the entry ticket, visitors are ushered into a circular multimedia room. The impressive visual presentation of the lake’s images were projected on the walls and ceilings of the “Archeorama.” The doors then opened and visitors are ushered outdoors into the entrance of the main Pfahlbau village.

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This museum is like stepping back in time when exploring the dwellings and crossing over the bridges. Seeing the re-enactors dressed in Bronze Age clothing also transports visitors back to this fascinating ancient world. The dwelling’s exhibitions presented day-to-day life for the villagers. Visitors can see also tools for basket weaving and woodwork as well as nets and spears for fishing, etc.

On the shore visitors can try their hand at boat carving using ancient tools, making fire with primitive tools or playing music with ancient wooden instruments.

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Make the most of your trip to Lake Constance by visiting other “must-sees” in and near Uhldingen:

  • Birnau– the imposing baroque Basilica is a beautiful holy sanctuary with an amazing lakeside view of the Bodensee.
  • Meersburg– this quaint medieval town is only 8 km from Pfahlbauten museum. The castle is not to be missed.

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By car, Pfalhbau Open Air Museum in Lake Constance is approximately 2 hours south of Stuttgart and 3.5 hours south of Kaiserslautern and Wiesbaden.

Address: Strandpromenade 6
D-88690 Uhldingen-Mühlhofen/Unteruhldingen

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