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Exhibition: Rock(h)art(d) – Egyptian Beverages

Granted, the pun works better in German but Rock(h)art(d) – Egyptian Beverages is a great addition to Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum’s permanent exhibition on old Egypt nonetheless. Mannheim’s most famous museum presents around… Read more

Cars and Chill

As part of Barbarossafest, Kaiserslautern will host a sports-car exhibition on Stiftsplatz on September 7 from 5 p.m. German limousines, American muscle cars and many other makes and models await… Read more

World’s Biggest Pumpkin Exhibition

The world’s biggest pumpkin exhibition and patch awaits at Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg between August 30 and November 3. This year’s theme is Fantastic Fairytales and visitors can look forward to… Read more

Exhibition: Hundertwasser Eco Visions

Architect and artist Hundertwasser believed in what is nowadays described us a utopia: the concept of a green city. He spent his life advocating for the environment and nature conservation… Read more

Old and Youngtimer Meeting

Old and Young timers will be on display at Reddit in Mainz-Kastel on August 25. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. Admission is free. For more information go… Read more

Exhibition: Eva Jospin, Forest Dreams

French artist Eva Jospin creates forest installations from carton. These forests do not only imitate natural spectacles but further encapsulate what nature means to the artist; they represent danger, anarchy,… Read more

Exhibition: War Zone

Artist Sandra Brandeis Crawford gathered images of war zones and in an attempt to understand the fear and pain women in these areas go through, she put together an insightful… Read more

Exhibition: Labyrinth of Colors

Children of all ages are welcome to rediscover colors and their respective effects on people at a new exhibition “Labyrinth of Colors” at Museum Pfalzgalerie in Kaiserslautern until July 27…. Read more

700 Years of Art History in Frankfurt

The Städel Museum in Frankfurt houses 3,100 paintings, 660 sculptures, 4,600 photographs and more than 100,000 drawings and prints. Germany’s most important cultural community foundation also has a spot on the… Read more

Pfahlbau Museum– Stone Age Dwellings

Pfalhbau is an interactive and educational museum. It presents archaeologically reconstructed versions of lake dwellings of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

Sometimes Me

“Ladies and gentlemen, everyone in between and beyond.” Was how Kim Engels, director of the Women’s Museum in Wiesbaden, greeted (art) lovers from near and far at the opening of Steffi… Read more

Germany’s first Easter Egg Museum

Sonnenbühl is a quaint, friendly town with one of the few Easter Egg Museums in Germany, caves for exploration, Michelin star restaurants and more.

Christmas Shopping in the Stuttgart area!

With shopping malls in Germany appearing to be now in their heyday, they provide the opportunity for great fun! Here is a list of a few in the Stuttgart area.

Shopping Malls in the Stuttgart Area

With shopping malls in Germany appearing to be now in their heyday, they provide the opportunity for great fun! Here is a list of a few in the Stuttgart area.

Tuscany, a World-Class Destination

Tuscany is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for its beautiful landscapes, world famous art, exquisite cuisine and excellent wines.

Porsche Museum- A Car Enthusiast’s Haven

The Porsche Museum is a car enthusiast’s haven with its incredible architecturally designed building that houses interactive and informative exhibitions.

Exhibition: Bloomy Dreams and Idyllic Landscapes

The exhibition “Blütenträume & Landschaftsidyllen” (Bloomy Dreams and Idyllic Landscapes ) focuses on Fritz Steisslinger’s nature paintings and will be set up at Städtische Galerie in der Zehntscheuer Böblingen until… Read more