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Haft- und Hokafescht

Haft- und Hokafescht is a traditional ‘Fest‘ (fair) on Rollschuhplatz with a colorful open-air program, live music and culinary delicacies from around the globe in Kirchheim unter Teck’s historical setting… Read more

Acoustic Color and BBQ buffet

Acoustic color has a special talent for reinterpreting famous Pop and Latin songs with hints of Jazz and plenty of rhythm. A delicious and elaborate BBQ buffet invites you to… Read more

Midsummer fair

Midsummer is the ‘longest day of the year’ traditionally celebrated with a huge bonfire. Remshalden-Geradstetten is adding delicious food, fine wines and live music to the mix at Häfner’s Besagärtle… Read more

Mango Tango

Discover fair trade mango products and delicious recipes at Mango Day in Linz on June 17. Weltladen (world store) will be open from 10a.m. to 4p.m. and all products will… Read more

Wine booth

Attention, wine enthusiasts! The Gemeindezentrum in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt is setting up a wine booth in their cozy courtyard on 10 Fridays between May and October, one of them being June 2…. Read more

Street Food Festival

Discover exotic, hearty, sweet and delicious flavors of the world in a unique atmosphere with a single trip to Street Food Festival on Kirchheim unter Teck’s Rollschuhplatz between May 31… Read more


Hemshoffest is a traditional German ‘fest’ (fair) with fun attractions, delicious food and entertainment for all ages on Goerdelerplatz in Ludwigshafen from May 25 to 28. Admission is free. For… Read more

Wine festival Idstein

Welcome to Idstein’s traditional wine festival from May 24 to 28. A selection of whites, reds, rosés and sparkling wines from excellent vineyards around the town will be accompanied by… Read more

French and Italian delicacies

Enjoy an extravagant four-course meal with exclusively selected culinary delicacies from local producers in the the Champagne region (France) and Lombardy (Italy) on May 20 from 7:30p.m. Real champagne and… Read more

Rose market

Over 100 vendors and botanists will be presenting the queen of flowers in all its majestical shapes, colors and sizes at Waiblingen’s annual Rose Market (Rosenmarkt) on May 20 and… Read more

Wine salon

Young wine makers from the region are putting up their tents in the idyllic courtyard of Mainz’ Landesmuseum on May 16 from 5p.m. Locally grown asparagus will also be offered… Read more

Rooster Festival

This year’s rooster festival offers crunchy and delicious chicken roasted on huge grills. Musical performances and entertainment will be available for visitors of all ages. Admission is free. For more… Read more

Food and design fair

Tisch & Tafel is an annual food and design fair at Alte Keller in Fellbach. This year’s event will take place from May 13 to 14 and include regional delicacies,… Read more

Wine booth

Attention, wine enthusiasts! The Gemeindezentrum in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt is setting up a wine booth in their cozy courtyard on 10 Fridays between May and October, one of them being May 12…. Read more

Top Ten Places for Afternoon Tea in London

10 Places to enjoy Afternoon Tea in London

When in London, one simply must partake in Afternoon Tea. There’s nothing more British. Here are our top 10 spots for Afternoon Tea in London.

Cooking with Klaus – Dark Beer Marinated Pork Steaks

Ingredients for 4 people 4 nice pork steaks from the neck (Schweinenacken steaks) 4 medium sized onions, peeled and cut in half rings 1 bottle of dark German beer 1… Read more

Southern German Cheese Market

It is common knowledge that cheese is just as beautiful as it is delicious in any shape and size. Schwäbisch Hall’s Southern German Cheese Market definitely agrees and is making… Read more

Haller Frühling

A flea market by and for kids will open this year’s Haller Frühling festival on Schwäbisch Hall’s Marktplatz on May 6 from 9a.m. A traditional farmer’s market offering flowers, herbs… Read more

Nürtinger Musiknacht (music night)

Nürtingen’s legendary music night (Musiknacht) is celebrating its 20th anniversary on May 6. Live performances of all genres invite you and circa 5,000 expected visitors to rock the dancefloors from… Read more

Fashion Night

Fashion Designer Anja Gockel is presenting her new collection in a spectacular live Fashion Show at Möbel Martin in Mainz on May 4 from 7:30p.m. Enjoy live music, celebrity guests,… Read more

Flea market

Welcome to KiKo’s legendary flea market. Children are welcome to join fun games or sell their own stuff at the kids flea market for free. Parents can shop at over… Read more


Elmstein-Harzofen invites you to celebrate the opening of BBQ season in Naturfreundehaus’s garden (nature friends house) on May 1 from 12p.m. with live music, kids entertainment and culinary delicacies. Admission… Read more

Garden, Art, Delicacies market

Welcome to Otterberg’s annual Garden, Art and Delicacies market on Kirchplatz. Find homemade culinary delights and regional produce, plants and herbs as well as high quality accessories for your garden… Read more

Street Food Days

Discover exotic, hearty, sweet and delicious flavors of the world in a unique atmosphere with a single trip to Ramstein’s Street Food Days on April 29 and 30. A wide… Read more

Weimar – cultural capital of the 18th century

Let Weimar’s rich cultural and literary history enchant you during a cozy weekend away. Here’s the thing: I love historical figures. There’s just something about learning what inspired humans to become who… Read more

German BBQ traditions

Break out the grill and learn to BBQ the German way!

Cooking with Klaus – Gooey Milk Chocolate Toffee Butter Cake

Ingredients for the Brioche: • 4 eggs, at room temperature • 1 ounce dry active yeast • 2 ½ cups all bread flour • ¼ cup sugar • 2 teaspoons… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Pommes Boulangere & Turnips

Ingredients (for 4 people) Pommes Boulangere • 1 ½ pounds of potatoes peeled and diced in ½ inch cubes • 2 small onions finely diced • 6 cups of lamb… Read more

Top 5 Countries to Visit While in Europe

We surveyed a group of United States airmen, soldiers, civilians and their families to find out where they were happy they’d visited during their time in Europe. Here are their top 5 favorite countries.

Discover the VeggieWorld Expo

VeggieWorld is a consumer and trade fair for products and services supporting the vegan lifestyle. The largest and longest running Vegan Expo has several upcoming dates in Germany!

Reducing your trash while living in Germany

by Susan Melnyk When you get stationed in Germany, someone is sure to mention the garbage situation.   Germany has one of the most progressive and environmentally friendly trash and… Read more

Recipes to Make Water More Tasty

Simple, fruit-infused water recipes to keep you hydrated and healthy

Sometimes, facing day-after-day of sipping on plain water can be like eating the same meal day in and out – completely uninspiring, even if it’s healthy.

Cooking with Klaus – Chicken Breast with Onion Sauce!

Ingredients (for 4 people) • 4 chicken breasts • 4-6 red/purple onions • 1 cup red wine • 1 tablespoons balsamic vinegar • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil • Salt to… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Kassler!

Kassler is a German specialty – salted, smoked and boiled pork. We will serve it with salted potatoes & red cabbage. Ingredients • 1 slice of Kassler per person (you… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Sauerbraten!

Ingredients • For four persons : 600 to 700 grams of beef • Salt • Pepper (corns and ground) • Sugar • White wine, Red wine • Vinegar (a simple… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Red cabbage and mashed chestnuts mashed chestnuts!

Ingredients • Red cabbage: 1 jar of red cabbage (you will fi nd it on the economy named Rotkohl or Rotkraut) this will be enough for up to 4 people •… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Brussel Sprouts!

Ingredients • A handful of brussel sprouts per person… • Bacon • Onion • Salt • Ground white pepper • Nutmeg • Butter Brussel sprout season has started – one… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Roasted Potatoes!

Ingredients: • One hand full of potatoes per person • One small onion per person • Salt • Ground white pepper • Margarine First of all, many Americans know this… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Mushrooms, as you get them on the fair!

Ingredients • 100 grams of mushrooms per person • 1 small onion • one leek • a little oil • salt • ground pepper • some red wine • parsley… Read more

Cooking with Klaus – Crêpes with Quark filling!

Ingredients FOR THE FILLING: You will need to marinade raisins in rum, water, sugar and lime juice a week before making this dessert. Allow for a spoon full of raisins,… Read more