Recipes To Bring Comfort This Christmas

The holidays provide an important opportunity to get together with family and friends. This time of year, however, can be especially tough for those serving in the military, stationed far from home and loved ones. Bring comfort to those who serve with a perfect holiday meal filled with these favorite Christmas recipes. 

1. Whet the Appetite  

Cold winter nights call for an appetizer to warm the soul. Baked prosciutto and Brie with apple butter will help warm up hungry service men and women and kick off their appetites for a traditional Christmas feast. Lay slices of delicious prosciutto atop apple butter-lined French bread and toast with creamy Brie cheese. The rich flavors strike an impeccable balance of sweet and salty to prep taste buds for more seasonal indulgence.

2. Drink, Snack and Be Merry 

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Keep to Yuletide theme by serving mulled wine. Cook red wine, infusing festive spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. Then simmer with citrus peels, vanilla and caster sugar. It’s a beverage that reminds us of tradition and good times. This hot holiday drink pairs great with benne-maple roasted pecans to snack on which are toasted pecans laced with a sweet-n-salty melted butter mixture made with brown sugar, maple syrup, soy sauce, sesame oil and a red pepper zing. Nothing says ‘tis the season like mulled wine and roasted nuts.

3. The Main Course 

herb-crusted prime rib is the key main meat dish that makes this Christmas meal complete. Get one very large bone-in rib roast and rub with savory ingredients like sage, oregano, rosemary, garlic, chopped shallots, salt, pepper and olive oil. Once the roast is baked to desired tenderness, pour on a simple but delectable sauce made with beef broth, red wine and salt. Troops work hard out there so this protein-packed dish will replenish tired muscles as well as fulfill the holiday menu criteria of some much-anticipated roasted meat.

4. Supporting Sides  

Side dishes are a necessary complement to accompany the prime rib. A mixed green salad with warm cream cheese “croutons” plays the part because of its beautiful display of green and red colors of Christmas. Toss together mixed greens, thyme, pomegranate seeds, Granny Smith apples and skillet-browned Philadelphia cream cheese cubes coated in panko bread crumbs for added richness, along with Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

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In addition to the salad, the ultimate comfort food that bodes well with any red meat dish is creamy au gratin potatoes. Layer slices of russet potatoes with onion in a casserole dish and bake in a thick cheese and butter sauce. Aside from being a total winter food, creamy au gratin potatoes are the epitome of home-cooked holiday sustenance. Check this recipe link out for more yummy supporting side dishes and Christmas recipes.

5. Something Sweet   

It wouldn’t be a very merry Christmas without chocolate and eggnog to finish off this edible compilation. Chocolate espresso snowballs fit the bill as a sweet, after dinner pick-me-up. Form the “snowball” dough using cocoa, espresso powder, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla and pecans. Once baked, roll the cookies in powdered sugar for that frost effect. Serve the cookies with eggnog to satisfy the palates of your Christmas-craving crowd.

If you’re making a list of for a true holiday dinner menu, this one checks out twice in terms of satisfaction. It’s a Christmas dinner that’ll give comfort to those who embrace the spirit of giving the most by protecting their country.

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