Healthy Smoothies for Kids

The Green Monster – A Smoothie Kids Will Love

While many parents count calories, restrict refined sugar intake and carefully control portions, kids just dig into what tastes good. Unfortunately, this can lead to unhealthy eating habits, especially if their tastes lean toward processed foods loaded with sugar, carbohydrates and chemical additives. Give your kids a taste of something delicious and nutritious with a frothy green smoothie. Even the pickiest palates will be pleased by this modern update on the milkshake: a simple and satisfying treat for all ages.

Go Green

While the thought of serving up a green smoothie to your choosy child may initially seem like an ill-fated prospect, keep in mind that this one packs some serious kid-friendly flavor. Gone are the days of liquified lettuce parading as a drink. This game-changing green smoothie detours from standard berry ingredients and instead incorporates a taste of the tropics through juicy pineapple and luscious mango, not to mention superfood spinach, which blends up smoothly without altering the taste.

An added benefit?

Many Americans living in Europe struggle with access to typical “American foods,” but learning to embrace local produce has profound health benefits. Not only do these ingredients add up to a sweet and delicious confection, they also pack a powerful punch thanks to cancer-fighting antioxidants. Even better? It takes less than 20 minutes to make from start through clean-up.

Mix it Up
 (To make a green smoothie for one adult or two kids)

Combine ½ cup of vanilla almond milk, 1 cup each of frozen pineapple and mango chunks and a large handful of fresh baby spinach.
Blend the mixture until smooth, adding ice cubes according to your preference, or more milk if the blade gets stuck. Using frozen fruits is equally nutritious and saves time; plus, they’re available year-round.

When you’ve mastered one green smoothie, it’s time to experiment with others, potential add-ins -for flavor or a nutritional boost- include a large dollop of yogurt or ½ a banana for extra creaminess, a tablespoon of natural flaked coconut, or a healthy scoop of protein-packed peanut butter. Sweet tooths, meanwhile, will enjoy a dash of natural sweetener, such as stevia or honey. 

They’ll be mad for mango once they sample The Green Monster.

Any Time of Day

On-the-go parents will enjoy the ease of making green smoothies on busy days, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child has a solid foundation for the rest of the day. This frothy frozen beverage can also be enjoyed as an after school snack or dessert surprise. Your kids will start asking for this treat, so be sure to stock up on the ingredients. And keep in mind that smoothie success doesn’t stop with this recipe; there are endless combinations of tasty, healthy fruits and vegetables.

We all need to negotiate with kids to get them to eat healthily from time to time.  Naming it “The Green Monster” can do the trick for smaller kids, but you might have to use a different, more sophisticated approach with older kids. For instance, you could remind them that healthy treats provide a nutritional boost that helps you feel energized, which is important for anyone that is busy. You could even use examples of successful people like Oprah Winfrey and Peter Briger as leaders that are on the go and probably rely on smoothies and other healthy treats to keep them feeling energetic. Whatever tactic you use, after your kids give the smoothie a try they’ll keep drinking it because of its fabulous flavor. Make one for yourself while you’re at it and enjoy the satisfaction of a guilt-free delight.

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