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Bike tour

Conquer the Wild West of Ludwigsburg during a 4-hour guided bike tour including baroque sights, apple plantations and fields. The group meets up at the train station’s west exit on… Read more

Guided Hike

Join a guided tour through the romantic Falkenstein Tal (valley) on August 25. Numerous poets of the 19th century were inspired by the breathtaking scenery of the Donnersbergkreis, which you… Read more

Bad Urach – the friendliest Swabian small town

This friendly, beautiful town in Baden- Württemberg offers hiking trails, castle ruins, waterfalls, a picturesque Old Town, a royal palace and much more.

Culinary Panorama Hike

Germany hosts fun and unique outdoors activities such as the Culinary Panorama Hike. This event offered panoramic views and culinary specialties.

Step Back in Time in the Black Forest

Vogtsbauernhof Outdoor Museum is a sprawling area that offers sunshine, fresh air, countryside views and a look into historic farmhouses of yesteryear.

Lake Ohmbachsee ~ A Hidden Gem

Lake Ohmbachsee offers a place for walking, hiking, biking and relaxing. There is also a play area, an entertainment, a boating area, a restaurant and more.

Into the Woods of France

Take a walk through the woods of Spicheren, which is rich history as the site of battles. Spicheren is interesting with its war monuments and memorials.

Back Pain from Cycling

Cycling in Stuttgart

As the weather gets warmer, you fill find more and more people out enjoying biking. You too can join the healthy fun and take advantage of the scenic opportunity to see Stuttgart.

Iceland - A Unique Destination

Iceland – A Magnificent Destination

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland – a unique destination steeped in history offering breathtaking landscapes, pristine nature and a thriving nightlife.

Ready to play cornhole with our homemade set

Bond with the Locals: Play Cornhole!

Adjusting to a new country is hard. If you’re finding it difficult to bond with the locals try a game of cornhole!