7 Tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Germany

story by Susan Melnyk

Although Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated in one form or another, the essentials have evolved to be about the same in Germany as in the U.S. – namely, it’s a day to show how much you love your loved ones! Fortunately, you’re living in a country that can help you do romance right. Here are seven great tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day while you’re living in Germany!

1) Visit your local florist

Stock up on gorgeous flowers for your sweet or treat yourself! The flowers are incredibly fresh and well priced, especially compared to most stateside prices. If you’d rather have them delivered, try fleurop.de, who work with local florists and offer same-day delivery.

2) Pick up a bottle of German wine

Head to your local grocery or beverage shop and pick up some German wine (or beer, if that’s what your sweetheart prefers) to celebrate Valentine’s in Germany. Remember: Germany has some of the best wine-growing regions in the world. And, again, the prices will floor you compared to those in the U.S. Plus, sharing a good wine is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in European style! Pro tip: pair this with tip six (below) and plan a trip to the vineyard your wine is from.

3) Don’t wait until the last minute to make a reservation

Restaurants can get pretty packed during special events like Valentine’s Day, so call or stop by to make a reservation for your special night. Alternately, you can just get takeout and get cozy on the couch with a movie and your loved one. If you need inspiration, find a great restaurant near you using the Find-It Guide’s business finder.

4) Take a romantic walk

It’s not for nothing that Germany has the Romantic Road and a plethora of Romantic Walks. Head to your local pedestrian streets of the closest town or city and wander around, hand in hand. Or pick out a proper hiking route or stroll along a river. There are endless walking opportunities in Germany, which mean endless opportunities for a little alone time with your loved one!

5) Take to the road

When you need to get out of the daily ground – and especially if you need some one-on-one time with someone – there’s nothing like a road trip. If you don’t have a destination in mind, just jump in the car and drive. Get a little lost. Stop in some cute town for dinner or to shop. Plan a day trip. Maybe there’s a place you’ve driven past a hundred times but never went into? Take this day to discover something new.

6) Have a romantic dinner…and dream about the future

There is something about good food, good wine (or beer), and good company that makes anything seem possible. This Valentine’s Day, take time to dream with your loved one. Sit down to dinner, or grab a booth in a romantic cafe, and plan a future trip or surprise your sweetheart with a gift of tickets for an upcoming concert or event.

7) Find an event to attend

Speaking of events, Germany is loaded with them, during all seasons. Think about concerts, plays, cooking classes, whisky tastings, dance classes, esport events, football matches…the possibilities are almost endless. There is something out there that will light your fire. Sometimes it just takes a little effort to find it!

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