Germany’s National Parks: Müritz National Park

Whether you’re from the coast or from somewhere inland, there’s something magical about water. Müritz National Park, which is located in the northeast German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is definitely magical. Billed as the “land of a thousand lakes,” the park doesn’t disappoint. Water is everywhere, accessible, and beautiful. Plus, the park has one of the coolest aquariums in Germany!

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Land of a Thousand Lakes?

It’s actually kind of charming that Müritz National Park seems a little fuzzy when it comes to lake counting: usually, German counting is a precise thing. Numbers don’t do this place justice, anyway. And, who knows? There may just be a thousand lakes in the park, depending on your definition of lake. What is certain is that there are over 100 large lakes, and that the Müritz Lake is massive – the largest lake located entirely inside German borders, and the second largest German lake after Lake Konstanz.

It’s also certain that this is a park that’s made for water lovers. If you’re into fishing (and if you have your fishing license, which is generally pretty easy to obtain), Müritz National Park has several excellent options. You can fish near the park entrance at Waren, a decent-sized town, or you can get into the backcountry pretty quickly.

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Kayak trips are also possible, and are highly enjoyable. The park doesn’t just contain lakes. There are creeks, rivers, swamps, and ponds, and most are connected. In fact, the park offers two distinct “water hiking” itineraries, which are awesome. They run for miles through the park, and include official campgrounds where boaters can stop for overnight stays.

During warmer months, swimming is also a great option at the Müritz National Park. There are dozens of official swimming spots, which makes this a cool place to be if the summer gets particularly warm.

Müritzeum – An aquarium for all ages

Speaking of water, the park has one of the best visitor centers in all of Germany, which is also known as the Müritzeum. This aquarium contains multiple water displays, which house more than 50 species of fish and other aquatic creatures. Unlike many coastal aquariums, the Müritzeum is dedicated exclusively to freshwater life. Everything you see there is present in the national park, which makes your visit that much richer.

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The Müritzeum also has a great restaurant (the Alt Waren), a fascinating garden, and a wonderful interactive natural history exhibition. Admission prices are €14 for adults and €7 for kids ages 4-16. Family passes are also available.

Peaceful Waren, Germany

If you’re visiting the park, the town of Waren is a solid choice for a place to stay. It’s clean, has a beautiful harbor, is filled with shops and restaurants, and has the vibe of an American lake resort town, especially during the summer.

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Waren is also a great base for making a trip to northeast Germany. Waren is only 2 hours drive from both Jasmund National Park and Lower Oder Valley National Park, and is connected by high-speed rail to Berlin and Rostock, which sits on the Baltic Sea. Boat travel is obviously an option from Waren, too: visitors can take day trips across Müritz Lake to small, cute towns like Röbel.

Getting to Müritz National Park

By car, Müritz National Park is 8 hours from Kaiserslautern or Stuttgart, and 7 hours from Wiesbaden. Check with Deutsche Bahn for train itineraries to Waren.

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