Safari Restaurant- Exotic Cuisine in Kaiserslautern

Safari Restaurant in Kaiserslautern is serving up some Eritrean and Ethiopian dishes that will make your mouth water. Literally. My husband and I were looking for a diversion from our typical Asian and knockoff American fare, so we said “why not?” Best. Decision. Ever. Ok, maybe not ever, but still an excellent choice!

What to Expect

Ethopian woman drinking from bowl 4We did call ahead (which was recommended on their Facebook page), but we were told that they were booked for the next two nights. I asked about bar seating and they agreed to take my name and told me there would be enough seating for my party of four. I kind of felt like that was a reservation, but what do I know? Either way, we walked in and were immediately seated at the bar.

Ethopian tables and chairs 10

They have plenty of tables and can accommodate a variety of party sizes. There is a large room in the back that would be perfect for celebrations. The bar itself just seems like one rather large booth surrounded by pillowed benches for two. German wine and African wine were both on the menu along with some really unique beer choices….Mango, Banana, Passion Fruit, Palm Lager and my personal favorite, Pineapple. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can drink these beers from a Calabash gourd. And so, we did.Ethopian bowl and beer bottles 7

As usual, we struck up a conversation with the bartender and he was proud to tell us that his family owns and operates the restaurant. I did try to get more information, but he was respectful and let us enjoy our beer without interruption. He shared with us that his mother owns a small grocery store near the restaurant called Greenland Afro-Asia Food. I guess I know where I will be going next week!

The Food

Ok, now for the food. If you’ve never experienced Ethiopian food, then I guess the closest comparison would be Indian Cuisine since most of the meat dishes are curry-seasoned stews. While it’s possible to get individual portions, the best thing on Safari’s menu is the platters. The platters are two, three and four entrees of chicken, beef and lamb. Oh my!

Eating the Traditional Way

Ethopian food in hand 5For us, the joy of the experience is the novelty of eating it the traditional way. Basically, you eat with your hands using injera which is a sort of spongy crepe-like flatbread. Eating can be a little bit messy and you do have the option of asking for a fork. But really, why would you? Embrace the chaos! Once you get over the touch of anxiety caused by eating from a communal plate, you will quickly understand why Safari Restaurant is ranked number 1 on Trip Advisor for restaurants in K-town.

How to Get There

Kaiserslautern is just over an hour southwest of Wiesbaden and approximately two hours northwest of Stuttgart.

Restaurant Address:

Humboldtstr. 31 – 35

67655 Kaiserslautern

Telephone: +49 631 892 38 714

Check out their Facebook page for more information. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends.


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