photo by Karl Weisel

There’s More to Munich

photo by Karl Weisel

Just 2 1/2 hours from Stuttgart and 4 hours from Kaiserslautern, Munich is well within reach for long-weekend trips for the American military community in Germany.  Don’t wait for Oktoberfest to enjoy the charms of Bavaria’s capital!  While Oktoberfest may account for a large number of Munich’s annual visitors, the Bavarian capital city on the Isar River beckons those from far and wide year-round. Munich is especially hospitable during the summer and fall months when the locals head to picnic along the river, relax in one of the many beer gardens situated all over town or to sunbathe in the city’s parks.  To read the full article, click here.

For a more sobering look at this area of Germany, Dachau is a difficult but important place to visit.  Just 10 minutes North of Munich, Dachau is the former home of a WWII concentration camp and now stands as a memorial of the history we are never to repeat.  Learn more about Dachau here. 


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