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Lambic: Belgium’s Magical Beer

by Nate Cairney It took me a while to try a lambic beer. This wasn’t because I doubted it would be good — lambic lovers I knew swore by the… Read more

Chimay: Tranquility and a global force for good

Story and photos by Nate Cairney Reaching the abbey of Chimay, or as it is officially known, the Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont, requires a beautiful road trip. There’s no… Read more

Finding the best Belgian chocolates: A beautiful mystery

The words “Belgian chocolate” stir the imagination in a way that few other phrases do. You picture rows of delicate pralines and truffles behind pristine glass, and lose yourself in… Read more

World’s Best Beer? The Secret of Westvleteren

Looking to score some of the ‘best beer in the world’? Take a drive to Belgium’s Westvleteren Brewery. With esteemed reputation as brewers, the Trappist Monks at the Abbey of Saint Sixtus produce beer with unmatchable taste and quality.

Flower Carpet in Belgium

Brussels’ Flower Carpet

Brussels hosts the “Flower Carpet” every two years, an event in which the city square is covered with vividly colored begonias.

Flea markets — hunting for treasures

Due to host nation regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some flea markets may be cancelled or postponed, and travel to neighboring countries may not be allowed. Please verify… Read more

Medieval Bruges is Belgium at its finest

With canals lacing the city, Bruges holds many attractions and numerous photo opportunities for the diverse interests of its visitors.

The Place to Beer

Living in Germany would not be complete without a visit to neighboring Belgium, especially when that particular neighbor is hosting a beer fest entitled “The Place to Beer”.

The Belgium beer experience

In Belgium, small local breweries produce complex and unique batches of beer that lend themselves quite easily to a even the most picky of wine connoisseurs.