2014 Wein Festivals in the Pfalz

Are you looking for something interesting to do you with your weekends? Right on your doorstep in the Pfalz region you will find a number of Wein Fests (wine festivals) taking place every weekend!

These include Weinwanderungs (wine walks) where you pay one-price to taste many wines from various stands situated along paths in the middle of vineyards. You will also find villages full of vintners that throw open the doors of their gardens, garages and courtyards to host wine tastings, food stands and lively bands.

Click on the image below to download a Pdf brochure of wine festivals, exhibitions taking place in 2014 all over the Pfalz (opens in a new link). The brochure is in German, but we will also list the best ones on our Wine & Culinary Events Listings to give you more details in english.



The following PDF brochure lists some of the most celebrated wine festivals in the area (opens in a new link):

Endversion Broschuere_Schoenstes Weinfest der Pfalz_140401_2


Zum Wohl!


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