Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Have you ever felt like you were inside the center of a snow globe? Well, that was our experience hiking to the Barenschlossle in Busnau this past month. If you haven’t happened upon this particular hiking trail really close to Stuttgart, you are missing out.

The Trail1

The Konigstrasse Trail runs between Schloss Solitude and Ludwigsburg Palace. This stretch of trail is snuggled amongst the hustle and bustle of the city that surrounds it. Along the trail you will find a Rothirschfeld (Red Deer Field) protected by law but viewable to the public. This lovely preservation is a fun treat for young and old alike. Though hard to find, lookout for red deer, which shed their antlers every spring and are also the fourth largest species behind elk, moose and the sambar deer.

The LakeStu lake

You can also hike along the lovely lake, the Barensee, with trails on each side. My Deutsch friends tell me when a portion of the lake freezes over, the hockey skates come out for a little healthy competition. There are plenty of hills where you’ll see children sledding through the extensive park.

The GasthausStu back castle

At the heart of the trail is a lovely gasthaus called Der Barenschlossle im RotWildPark. With cozy dining areas both upstairs and down, you may enjoy some great Hirschgoulaschsuppe (deer goulash soup), Gluhwein or a number of lovely cakes. The restaurant is frequently busy as the menu is extensive, seasonal and always really good. If you are in a hurry on the weekends, they usually have outdoor grills going in the afternoon with quick pick-me-ups like wurst, schweinsteak (pork steak) or pommes (French fries) at the ready. Of course, there are plenty of local Stuttgart beers for you to enjoy too.

ArtStu tree carve

Don’t forget to pay attention to the art on the trail! There are some very cool carved trees along the trail as well as resting benches if you need to rest your feet for a while. Also the Barenschlossle Gasthaus  has beautiful bear statues and other interesting art pieces overlooking the lake.

BUNDLE UP!Stu back woman

We hiked a total of four miles but you may go for as long as you like. This was an amazing trail with hikers, walkers, and people sledding. The snow was magical like a scene from the movie Narnia. With so many entrances and exits between the two palaces, there is plenty to be seen and enjoyed. Write me and tell me what else you find!

To Get There

Website: www.baerenschloessle-stuttgart.de

Address: Mahdentalstraße 14 70569 Stuttgart

Parking: Along Magstadter Strasse for hikers

Restaurant telephone: +49 (0) 711-69 25 50

Be sure to call if you have large parties and also check their website for months they are closed. Parking is along the Magstaderstrasse in several hiking parking lots with signage throughout the park and trails.

Or for those who are ambitious click on 8Km hike map from Schloss-Solitude to Barenschlossle.

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