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Exhibition: Rock(h)art(d) – Egyptian Beverages

Granted, the pun works better in German but Rock(h)art(d) – Egyptian Beverages is a great addition to Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum’s permanent exhibition on old Egypt nonetheless. Mannheim’s most famous museum presents around… Read more

Exhibition: Hundertwasser Eco Visions

Architect and artist Hundertwasser believed in what is nowadays described us a utopia: the concept of a green city. He spent his life advocating for the environment and nature conservation… Read more

Exhibition: Eva Jospin, Forest Dreams

French artist Eva Jospin creates forest installations from carton. These forests do not only imitate natural spectacles but further encapsulate what nature means to the artist; they represent danger, anarchy,… Read more

700 Years of Art History in Frankfurt

The Städel Museum in Frankfurt houses 3,100 paintings, 660 sculptures, 4,600 photographs and more than 100,000 drawings and prints. Germany’s most important cultural community foundation also has a spot on the… Read more

Weimar – cultural capital of the 18th century

Let Weimar’s rich cultural and literary history enchant you during a cozy weekend away. Here’s the thing: I love historical figures. There’s just something about learning what inspired humans to become who… Read more

KidsKorner – June 23, 2017

Originally published in the Kaiserslautern American newspaper on June 23, 2017. Click the image for a full-size, printable version.

A Day Trip to the Valkenburg Caves at Christmas

A trip to Valkenburg Caves left me almost speechless, especially the creation at the Magic Sand. And this does not happen very often!

Arts, Wine and More

The quaint town of Zellertal is situated in Palatinate wine region. Toss in some art and food and you have the enchanting Zellertal Arts and Wine Market.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Experience winter wonderland hiking, dining and at the Barenschlossle near Stuttgart.