Party Back Packing

Party Backpacking

Are you young, free, and looking to party? Why not consider some of these tried-and-true destinations known for offering nightlife experiences like few other places on earth. So pack your bags, leave your inhibitions behind, and head out to some of the world’s best party locations.

Backpacking & PartyingTraveling on a tight budget doesn’t mean having to go without exploring the world. In fact, much of the world isn’t best discovered in a luxury hotel suite, but with a few belongings tucked into a knapsack. Unfortunately, backpacking trips may mean sacrificing some home comforts, but the connection you get from the nature around you and the companionship with fellow backpackers from all over the world shouldn’t be undervalued.


The nights are longer here which means the parties last that little bit longer. The temperature is cold and so dancing and drinking are all accepted forms of keeping warm. Plan a trip well in advance so you can get the best of the Icelandic party experience.

Everything you need for a memorable Icelandic weekend is in Reykjavík. Flight time is about 3 hours from most capital cities in Europe, more airlines have recently started to fly to Reykjavík making the tickets even cheaper! There’s no need to talk about the nightlife in Reykjavík, we all know it’s renowned. You will definitely enjoy it and hopefully remember at least parts of it! There are hundreds of bars on one street so do what the locals do and just hop from place to place until you find what you like!

Once you’ve had enough of partying then why not take a visit to the Blue Lagoon, it offers people a chance to rekindle their relationship with nature while soaking up scenic beauty and breathing pure fresh Icelandic air.

New York

Party Back PackingAlong with being generally regarded as an incredible place to visit, New York has earned a reputation as a global contender for best place to party. The various boroughs of the city are packed with bars and clubs that are each trying to outdo the other on the dance and drink scale.

The popular Greenwood Park, famous for its world renowned beer garden with 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space devoted to beer tents and general and revelry. Beer not your thing? For a true Manhattan skyline experience, head to La Piscine at the Hotel Americano, where the young, beautiful and restless indulge in margaritas and tapas next to a pool that becomes a big hot tub in the winter. New York is also home to the latest craze in clubbing – pop-up parties! These clubs pop-up using marquees and tents in the squares all over New York and are taken down the next day (no one even need know it was there!) A truly enchanting experience.


The river Danube cuts Budapest in two, between the historical cities of Buda and Pest. Although Budapest does not initially strike you as a great city for partying, there is a growing dance music scene in the city, and a night out at Buda beach (sometimes known as Buddha Beach) is definitely worth a look.

These ‘beaches’ lie right in the middle of the city and in the summer they open up onto the river, so you can party the night away on the banks of the Danube. The drinks are cheap, the music is loud, and the bars stay open late – it’s pretty much perfect.


If your budget for flights is a little larger, then a trip to Thailand is definitely in the cards. The cost of living in Thailand is minimal, and so any expense on the travel there is instantly reclaimed once you head out to the bars and restaurants.

One of the best parties in the world is the once-a-month Full Moon Party in Ko Phan Ngan. They serve drinks by the bucket, with prices dirt cheap and the balmy weather means you can party on the beach until the sun comes up.


Berlin has become the spiritual home of house and trance music in the last ten years, filling a gap in the music industry. The number of a super clubs in the city that have become destinations in their own right who attract thousands of visitors a year alone.

Berghain is this kind of place-to-be club, and it has become one of the most famous techno locations in the world. Although you don’t have to be in to dance music to enjoy Berlin’s nightlife, it definitely does helps. Plus, it’s challenging not to love a city that sells beer by the gallon! If you are looking for the best places to party in the world, then the only determining factor is your bank balance.


Backpacking & PartyingIt would not be possible to list party destinations without talking about Ibiza. The Balearic paradise is the global pleasure-seeking capital. The year-round sun and never-ending clubbing season has made Ibiza the most famous European party destination of all – and for all ages!

The island is beautiful in its own right, so even if partying 24/7 isn’t your thing, there’s plenty to do to fill your time. However, if an Ibiza holiday 2014 is on your schedule, then San Antonio is the place to be – the music and the dancing goes on till early in the morning!

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