Paint-and-Sip Class– Create Your Own Art

I had the opportunity to be invited to a “Paint-and-Sip” class many moons ago on a weeknight. My friend promised that we would have a roaring good time, plus there was wine. My heart fluttered. What could be more enjoyable than a wine and kid-free weeknight? Heck yeah, I was immediately sold!

What is Paint-and-Sip ClassPaint and Sip lady tree finished

You may ask, “What is a Paint-and-Sip class?” It’s a fun, do-it-yourself canvas painting session guided by a professional artist. The goal is to paint your own version of the featured artwork by following a step-by-step process of replicating the elements of the painting. This fun class includes cocktails, finger foods and a lot of conversation as well as laughter between the participants. Plus you get take home your creation!

My Paint-and-Sip Night

Our lovely art teacher in her smudged up apron greeted us at the venue. Canvasses stood on painting easels on top of tables with brushes dipped in water alongside them. After picking our spot, we were told we can order an alcoholic beverage (or not – if you prefer so) of choice at the bar. I happily ask for a glass of Dornfelder.

Paint and Sip trees

The art instructor starts off the session by saying that there are no mistakes with this exercise. Each painting will have a different outcome even though we will all try to replicate the same theme. I nervously held my brush as the teacher initiated the first step to creating our masterpiece. My first brush stroke looked pretty good! I was a natural at this!

Relaxing and FunPaint and Sip abstract circular

The Paint-and-Sip class was a relaxing yet fun experience. The wine calmed my nerves while the 80s music kept my momentum flowing. I would chit-chat with the other participants once in a while, but I found myself silently immersed in the exercise. I felt a surge of quiet excitement with each brushstroke. Each time I dipped my brush on the paint, I knew I was getting a little closer to finishing my art piece.

My masterpiece was done after two hours. The outcome was fabulous! I truly felt my inner artist come out of my shell. Maybe I’ll be the next Faith Ringgold if I keep at this.

Sip-and- Paint and Other ClassesPaint and Sip owl

Paint-and-Sip classes are offered in most military installations, often presented by the Arts and Crafts Center or Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR). There are separate sessions for children, too. In Stuttgart the children’s class is called Van GoGo Arts. There is also a Paint Your Pet class offered on occasions. Inquire at your local Arts and Crafts and MWR offices for more information.

Paint and Sip windmill and fields

Paint and Sip Eiffel Tower

Author’s Profile: Janice is a military spouse, mom of three (a teen, tween and toddler), thrifty traveler, practical crafter and a blogger who currently lives in Stuttgart with her family.

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