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Stretching from the spa town of Baden-Baden in the north, all the way down to the Swiss border in the south, the landscapes of the German Black Forest made of gently rolling hills, valleys, blue lakes and of course endless trees are truly inviting. However, the cuckoo clock idyll with the scary name that refers to slightly threatening evergreens can be so much more then a charming postcard picture.
The fast sweeping roads of the Black Forest are just as inviting as any of the hiking trails. And those roads are here to impress. Imagine exploring those fantastic driving roads in a convertible car. It feels right to choose a Porsche 911 being so close to the car brand’s home in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart. Your main orientation point should always be the almighty Black Forest High Road, don’t waste any time trying to pronounce the original German name “Schwarzwaldhochstrasse.”
Keep it simple instead and stick to Road B500 on your map. And in only two days of driving you can visit many of the enticing attractions the Black Forest has to offer.
Ideally start your driving tour from Stuttgart, where two of the most important car museums, the Porsche-Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Museum, are based and take your chance to visit holy halls of the finest German car brands. At the Porsche and Mercedes museums you will get even more inspired for a drive trough the Black Forest. Soon after leaving the city of Stuttgart on a short, but derestricted stretch of German Autobahn you will find yourself surrounded by wonderful driving grounds and a scenery out of a Brother Grimm fairy tale. However you decide to discover the Black Forest, under no circumstances you should miss to incorporate the following into your itinerary:
Visit the Hohenzollern Castle — the crown of jewel of the Black Forest with over 1000 years of history is still owned by the family of Hohenzollern, offering spectacular views over the forest out of splendid state rooms.
Stay classy at Baden-Baden — a small elegant town with thermal springs and maybe the most beautiful casino in Europe. The charming town was often visited by the Russian tsars where they spent their summer holidays, and somehow the town has managed to preserve an air of that long-gone era.
Eat well — Germany is not necessarily famous for haute cuisine, but when in the Black Forest eat like the locals and enjoy some of the best stews, soups and Spätzle you have ever had.

Paddle Boating — after all that delicious food stop at one of the many lakes in the Black Forest to do some paddling to get rid of some of the extra calories that without a doubt will sneak up on you while discovering the Black Forest.
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