An inside look at Trier, Germany

story and photos by Susan Melnyk

Trier is one of the best cities in Germany to grab a camera, a coffee, and make all your friends back home jealous.  Marvel at the wide range of architecture with a variety of French, Gothic, and traditional German influences lining every street.

Here are a few things to explore while you’re in Trier:


1) Porta Nigra (the Black Gate)

This Roman gate is Trier’s most well-known attraction, dating back to A.D. 180, is a sight to behold.  Built with slabs cut by bronze saws, the largest of slabs weighing approximately six metric tons! Learn more about Porta Nigra by clicking here.

IMG_09912) Electoral Palace

In stark contrast to the Basilika next door, this beautiful palace dates back to 1615.  The outside is gorgeous, with it’s carvings and statues as well as beautiful gardens.  Inside is even more ornate, so bring your camera and explore!  Learn more here.

3) Constantine’s Throne Room (Konstantin-Basilika)

This Basilika is the largest surviving single-room structure from Roman times.  Learn more here.

4) Toy Museum

The Toy Museum in Trier isn’t large, but it’s sure to take you back to your childhood!  It can be a little tricky to find, so Google Map it before you go or ask someone once you hit the main market area.

Dietrichstrasse 50/51 or Hauptmarkt 14, 54290 Trier
(handicapped accessible entrance in Jakobstrasse 4-5)

Admission (purchase at the door):
Single admission (price per person)
– Adults: € 4.50
– Adolescents aged 11-18: € 2.50
– Children aged 4-10: € 2.00

Group prices for 10 or more persons (price per person):
– Adults: € 4.00
– Adolescents aged 11-18: € 2.00
– Children aged 4-10: € 1.50

Family ticket:
2 adults + a maximum of 3 children: € 12.00
each additional child: € 1.50

For some history and information about Trier, click here.

To learn about the UNESCO sites located in Trier, click here.

Bring your camera and spend the day.  This is what living in Germany is all about!

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