Trier Delights with Historical Treasures

by Tina Lillicotch

101 on Trier

From an economic point of view Trier is the hub of a wine-growing culture on the Moselle, Saar and Ruhr. The city has become renowned for food, textile, mechanic, architecture and art industries. Trier has diverse options for visitors who come from all over the world. You can take boat rides along the rivers Moselle and Saar and travel to neighboring countries Luxembourg, Belgium and France. Trier is known to be a unique resort town that appeals to all ages. Ruins from Roman times include buildings that were restored and others that are original. The ruins and old architecture add ambience when mixed with the modern areas of the city.

Trier Today
Today, Trier has a population of about 107,000. With a port on the Moselle waterway, it is a center for wine-growing and trade, a traffic and economic hub for the surrounding area and headquarters of important local industries. Trier is constantly increasing in size and value. Shopping and cultural sights make Trier a popular destination for tourists of all countries.

Trier is…

  • Germany’s oldest city.
  • Germany’s oldest imperial residence.
  • Germany’s largest Roman colony north of the Alps.
  • one of the largest wine-growing communities in Germany.

Trier has…

  • the largest and most well-kept city gates from the ancient world.
  • the largest Roman mosaic collection north of the Alps.
  • the largest treasure of gold of the Roman West. the oldest bishop’s church in Germany – The Trier Dome St. Peter.
  • the oldest bridge in Germany – The Roman Bridge.
  • the oldest wine cellar in Germany – The United “Hospitien”
  • the oldest pharmacy in Germany – The “Löwen- apotheke” (lion pharmacy) at the Main Market.
  • the third largest thermal springs from the Roman Empire.
  • the 10th largest Roman amphitheater.
  • one of the largest and most attractive pedestrian zones in Germany.



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