5 Core Strength Exercises

A strong core or core strength training is so much more than just looking good. A strong core will support your body when doing any kind of sport or movement. This helps to reduce the risk of injuries and makes for a much more efficient workout. 

Here are five of the very effective core exercises to get you started.

 1. Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch

This is the  quickest and most effective exercise to target all of muscles. So this one definitely needs to be mastered. Lie down on the floor on your back and raise your legs high and then move them like riding/peddling a bicycle. Once you get a hold of this, crunch your body and twist first to the right and then to the left while you keep bicycling with your legs. If you are not a beginner, wait for 30 seconds to one minute each time you twist and crunch.

 2. Superman Plank

Lie on the floor on your stomach and pretend to be a Superman. Raise your head up and your arms should be straight. Now raise the right arm and the left leg as far as you can. After that do the same with the left arm and right leg just like Superman flying. This is a very efficient exercise and you will feel your abs stronger just after a couple of days. Try to endure the stretch as far as you can.

 3. Side Plank

Side Plank

Lie on your side with your elbow bent. Now raise your body with your elbow at a right angle to the floor and keep your back and legs stiff and in a straight line. Repeat this for one minute and then shift to the other side. In the same way, lie on your side and raise your body with your arms support and elbow at 90 degrees.

4. Tick-Tock

We like to call this one tick-tock for the movement of your legs. Lie on your back and raise your legs straight up so they are at 90 degrees angle. Whilst keeping your back and shoulders flat against the floor, move your legs to the right and wait for 30 seconds and then move back to the center. Now move to your left and wait 30 seconds until you move back to center. Repeat this procedure and you can stretch the time as you get along with this workout.

5. Cross Crunch

Core Strength

Lie on your back with your arms and legs stretched wide open in a way that your body makes the letter X. Now move your right arm to your left leg while raising your leg towards the right arm too. Keep the other shoulder on the floor and your back straight. Now repeat this with the other leg and arm.

These are just five exercises that can give you stronger and better core in just a few days. Repeat this workout and try stretching your limits every now and then as much as you can without over doing it. Remember that the quality instead of the quantity of a workout is most important – go slow and controlled for maximum benefit.

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