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Forming Healthier Habits in the New Year

3 Easy Tricks to 3 New Habits in 21 Days for a Healthier, Happier You in 2015.

Stay in Shape like 007

Get in Shape Like 007

The world’s most famous spy became a fitness idol after Daniel Craig’s performance in Casino Royale. Learn how to achieve the same combo of brawn and brain.

Cardio Workout Zones – Make the most of your workout

Cardio Workout – Understanding Heart Rate Zones to know how much you can exert yourself safely.

Draisine Tour- Travel by Trolley

Take a scenic tour while having a real workout on a Draisine. A Draisine is a trolley that travels along railroad tracks and is propelled by its riders. Pack yourself a picnic basket or dine at one of the restaurant along the way.

5 Core Strength Exercises

A strong core or core strength training is more than just looking good. A strong core will support your body when doing any kind of sport or movement.

Free Open-Air Sports in Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Office of Sport and Exercise host its annual event “Sports Im Park” program (Sports in the Park) which is running until the end of September.

Back Pain from Cycling

Back Pain Caused Due To Cycling and How To Reduce It

Despite cycling being a good physical workout, it can lead to back pain. Here’s how to avoid it.

Exercise Safely this Winter

How to Exercise Safely this Winter

Keeping fit and active during the winter months can be challenging, as poor weather conditions, icy surfaces and darkness can pose a danger to your safety.

5 Tips for a Healthy Winter Workout

As the mercury continues its seasonal plunge, it’s easy to get out of your workout routine. Take these easy steps and make sure you stay fit this winter.

Don’t Trust Your Scales!

Don’t Trust Your Scales! They lie to you…

Ok maybe that is a little over dramatic, they will hopefully tell you the correct weight. However what you can learn from that may not be what you think. You… Read more

7 Ways to Stay Active Through the Winter

Winter is the perfect time to hibernate. The shorter days and dark, cold mornings conspire to make you want to ditch any plans you might have had to work out… Read more