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Winter Forest Hiking – Time for Adventures

by Ronnie Juhans Photo by Jag_cz/ For my fellow hikers who enjoyed the great outdoors trekking during the warmer months of the year, there is no need to put away… Read more

Indoor Bouldering

Story by Ronnie Juhans Cover photo by santypan / As the unpredictable German Winter weather approaches, the temptation to stay indoors and keep your fingers and thumbs fit with… Read more

Draisine Tour- Travel by Trolley

Take a scenic tour while having a real workout on a Draisine. A Draisine is a trolley that travels along railroad tracks and is propelled by its riders. Pack yourself a picnic basket or dine at one of the restaurant along the way.

5 Core Strength Exercises

A strong core or core strength training is more than just looking good. A strong core will support your body when doing any kind of sport or movement.

5 Tips for a Healthy Winter Workout

As the mercury continues its seasonal plunge, it’s easy to get out of your workout routine. Take these easy steps and make sure you stay fit this winter.