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Traditionally delicious French Desserts

A starter, a main dish and a dessert… this is what a traditional French meal looks like. But which are the most traditional French desserts?

Blend in while Traveling Abroad

Cecelia Curtis shows us how to blend in while we travel to get a true European experience, stay safe and prevent cultural misunderstandings.

5 Steps to building your own holiday traditions

by Nate Cairney, contributing writer Featured image by phBodrova/ “Holiday traditions” are often so ingrained that we rarely stop to think about them. What happens, then, when you and your family move… Read more

The story behind St. Patrick’s Day

All over the world on the 17th of March every year – impress your friends with a little more knowledge of the historic St Patricks Day.

Germany's Christmas Markets are in every town

Germany’s Christmas Markets

The Ultimate Guide to Germany’s Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets Make You Believe In Santa Again

There are few places to match the feeling one gets when visiting a German Christmas market for the first time.

A Family Thanksgiving

A Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just days away and the planning has already started at our home. For over 15 years, we have hosted Thanksgiving weekend for all the family. The guest list… Read more

Giving Thanks and Eating Well

As the leaves begin to yellow and fall our thoughts turn to the holiday season. And with Halloween come and gone, excitement and anticipation build for the many glorious foods… Read more