Last Weekend: Bad Münster Christmas Market

This weekend is the last chance to get out and enjoy the romantic Bad Münster Christmas Market!

And what makes this market so special? Unlike some traditional large city markets, Bad Münster is located in a town square, off the main streets. The square is enclosed by mountain faces and timber houses and is lit entirely by Christmas lights and the glow from inside vendor booths.

Enchanting Holiday Spirits

band Kelly Bad Muenster Christmas Market© Kelly Lauer

In the center square, carols from brass bands and choirs fill the air. The atmosphere here is congenial. There isn’t the pushing and shoving that I’ve come to loathe about larger markets. Instead everyone seems enchanted by the holiday spirit—and hazy from Kirschwein, Glühwein, and Eierlikor.

Traditional and More

Market booth Kelly Bad Muenster Christmas Market© Kelly Lauer
Nativity scene Kelly Bad Muenster Christmas Market© Kelly Lauer

Of course there are all the traditional foods and libations you’ve come to expect from a German holiday market. Additionally, along the winding path encircling the market is an abundance of crafts and goods including lawn décor and floral arrangements. Inside the main house, you can find unique holiday gifts with an artistic flair. Many artists themselves are there to showcase their work.

garden decoration Kelly Bad Muenster Christmas Market© Kelly Lauer
Tree lights Kelly Bad Muenster Christmas Market© Kelly Lauer

For an extra dose of holiday cheer, you owe it to yourself to make the drive to Bad Münster and enjoy this truly charming market before it’s too late.

How to Get There

Market mountain view Kelly Bad Muenster Christmas Market© Kelly Lauer

Address: Kurhausstraße 33, 55583 Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg
Bad Münster is located 1 hour from Kaiserslautern, 1 hour from Wiesbaden, and 2.5 hours from Stuttgart.

Parking lots for the market are clearly marked but fill up fast. I recommend being patient as you navigate between the two lots.

The market is a 10 minute walk from the Bad Münster a Stein Banhof. Visit for information on train timetables and cost.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: © Kelly Lauer

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