Labor Day Weekend

Fun Things To Do With Kids On Labor Day Weekend

For many families Labor Day Weekend is the last chance to do outdoor activities together before the new school term starts – and the Football Season begins. And having a long weekend, just makes it even better! Below we’ve listed our four favorite things to do with kids on Labor Day Weekend, and maybe one of them will inspire you and your family.

1. Go Camping

Camping on Labor Day Weekend

Enjoy the last days of summer and the warm weather and take this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with your family. This is also a great way to teach your kids some basic life skills while also getting them to appreciate nature. You can combine it with some fun geo-caching while you are out and about too. Just don’t forget to pack some allergy pills, sunscreen and bug repellent. Read our article on Camping in Germany to get some tips and ideas.

2. Take a Road Trip

Nuremberg, the Bavarian Jewel

If camping isn’t your family thing, then there are still other travel options available. We have plenty of ideas for Road Trips that are ideal for a weekend away, or perhaps even a day. Discover castles, historic ruins, forests and beautiful old towns and villages along the way. These are sights you will not find in America, so make some memories.

3. Have a Staycation

Germany's Top Amusement Parks

If you don’t want to travel, then there is plenty of things you can do right near your Military installation – within a short drives. You can go to fun museums, see some cultural sites and discover more about your local area. Theme parks are also great places to go during the Labor Day Weekend. If you’re not in the mood to deal with big crowds and maybe long lines, you can also go to other fun places like the zoo, the aquarium or play sports in the park.

Check out our list of Kid-Friendly activities for inspiration.

4. Stay Home and Party

Grilling on Labor Day Weekend

Let’s not forget what we most associate with Labor Day – barbecues! Fire up the grill and let your kids help while you invite over friends and family for a great and relaxing time at home. Perhaps even invite your German neighbours over too!

Outdoor games like horseshoes, corn hole and volleyball are great accompaniaments for garden grilling. If the weather is not agreeable, you can still barbecue and enjoy fun activities inside such as playing board games, playing video games as a family or watching movies. I guess everyone knows the songs to Frozen now, right?

Playing Board Games on Labor Day

Whatever you do with your kids this Labor Day Weekend, just have a great time as a family.

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