Cooking with Klaus – Red cabbage and mashed chestnuts


• Red cabbage: 1 jar of red cabbage (you will fi nd it on the economy named Rotkohl or Rotkraut) this will be enough for up to 4 people
• 1 onion
• 2 apples
• Sugar, salt, ground white pepper
• Red jam (cherry is the best)
• A dash of red wine
• Margarine, butter


Peel the apples, cut them into quarters, remove the pith and then slice them. Cut the onion into thin slices. In a pot, let a spoon full of margarine melt, add half a teaspoon of sugar and let it slowly caramelize. Add the sliced
onion and apples with another teaspoon of butter and let all slowly roast on medium heat stirring occasionally. When you smell the onions and apples caramelize, add the red cabbage and slowly roast all on medium heat.

Now add dash of red wine and a bit of water and let it simmer for 2 hours, taking care that there is enough liquid in the pot, stirring from time to time. Finally, add salt, ground white pepper and the red jam.

For the chestnuts, heat your oven to 300°F. Bake the chestnuts until the skin cracks. Then put them into cold water and peel the chestnuts with a sharp small knife. If the skin doesn’t come of properly put the chestnuts in the oven again.

Once the chestnuts are all peeled, put them in a pot and cover them with milk and a little piece of butter. Add salt and ground white pepper and let it simmer until all the chestnuts are really soft. Put the chestnuts into a blender, add just enough of the milk from the pot to get a creamy consistency. Add salt and pepper and a little bit of nutmeg, if you like.

Here you have to delicious typical German fall side dishes that go perfectly with dark meat.

Join us again next time!

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