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Going Abroad Fair

Studying or working abroad doesn’t only look great on your resume but teaches you valuable life lessons as well. Learn about your options from semesters abroad to working as an… Read more

Hechtesheimer Kerb

Kerb-season is here and we all know what that means: junk food, reckless roller coasters, kids’ entertainment, live music and more that guarantees a fun day at the fair for… Read more

Edesheimer carnival

Many vineyards around the Edesheimer Kirche will participate in this year’s carnival by setting up booths with join-in activities, offering culinary delicacies along with their homemade wines and more from… Read more

Bierstädter Kerb

Celebrate 200 years of Bierstadter Kerb on Wiesbaden-Bierstadt’s Festplatz from September 1 to 4. Live music, culinary delicacies and farground fun precede Sunday’s colorful parade. Admission is free. For more… Read more

Garden fair

Visit the ‘Biogartenmesse’ (organic garden fair) in Wiesbaden’s Schlosspark Biebrich from August 26 to 27 and turn your own garden or balcony in a botanical paradise. More than 80 vendors… Read more


Schorndorfer Weintage (Wine days)

Enjoy La Dolce Vita – Swabian style at Schorndorfer Weintage (wine days) on market square between August 25 and 27. Live music, culinary delicacies and regionally grown wines make this… Read more

Miesenbach Fair

On the last weekend in August, 25-28, Miesenbach traditionally celebrates its village fair with music and entertainment. The fairground in the heart of Miesenbach includes rides and culinary booths for… Read more

Winnender Weintage (wine days)

Local vineyards will present their finest works at this year’s Winnender Weintage (wine days) in the town’s pedestrian zone from August 25 to 28 from 6:30p.m. Admission is free. For… Read more


Weinkerwe Deidesheim

Surrounded by beautiful hiking trails and romantic vineyards, Deidesheim is a cozy small town in Bad Dürkheim county. Visit their colorful Weinkerwe (wine fair) in the historic city center from… Read more

Esslingen Zwiebelfest (onion fair)

A colorful program including live music, culinary delicacies and a versatile selection of beer and wine will be offered at Esslingen’s Zwiebelfest (which literally translates to onion fair because Germans… Read more

Stadtfest (city fair)

9 different stages all over Zweibruecken offer live music at its finest for the town’s annual Stadtfest (city fair) from July 28 to 30. Culinary delicacies and locally produced wine… Read more

St. Jakobus Kerwe

A classic fairground will be set up in Hambach for their annual celebration of St. Jakobus Kerwe from July 28 to 30, including carousels, culinary delicacies, selected wines and a… Read more

Stuttgart Spring Festival

Fair fun at the Spring Festival Stuttgart

From April 19 to May 11, 2014 the 76th annual Stuttgarter Frühlings-Fest (Spring Festival) will take place on the Cannstatter Wasen.

DO-IT-YOURSELF trade fair “kreativALL Wiesbaden” in Wallau Wiesbaden

The Do-It-Yourself public trade fair all about arts & crafts, design, handcraft, baking and cooking will be held from 17th to 19th February 2017 in the Messecenter Rhein-Main Wallau. TV… Read more