Thieves Oil: Protect Your Family

Thieves Oil: Protect your Family from Colds and Flu

Editor’s Note: This recipe is not a cure for COVID-19 or any other ailment. Always consult a doctor with medical questions.

Are you looking for natural ways to boost your family’s wellness?

An urban legend tells of dried spices and herbs being used during the Plague in the 15th century. The story goes that there were bandits who preyed upon the dead and dying but somehow never became infected. A famous band of them were finally captured in Marseilles, France and charged with the crime of robbing the plague victims. At the trial, the Magistrate offered to go easy on them if they would divulge how they avoided contracting the horrific infection, in spite of their continual and very close contact with infected corpses. It was revealed that the special formula they had concocted was provided by perfumers and spice traders. The bandits had simply rubbed themselves with a concoction of aromatic herbs (cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, and rosemary).  Although we all know this is simply a legend and not to be taken as anything else, it is interesting nonetheless.

Modern day essential oil enthusiasts have taken this folklore and reintroduced this medieval use of plants as a proactive wellness practice. Many use oils mixed with aloe vera on their hands or mixed with carrier oils for a healthy perfume or used in a diffuser to disperse these wonderful scents into the air. 

Here’s a Do It Yourself Recipe to make a batch that will last a good long time.

Essential Oil DIY Bandit Scents

1 Tablespoon Clove Essential Oil
1 Tablespoon Lemon Essential Oil
2 teaspoons Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
2 teaspoons Eucalyptus Essential Oil
2 teaspoons Rosemary Essential Oil
Special Brown bottles with droppers

Use Virgin Coconut Oil or Virgin Olive oil (as a carrier oil for dilution and blending the oils together). Add approximately 20 drops of the blend with 2 tablespoons of the carrier oil before using topically.

The undiluted mixture can be added directly to a diffuser, use 5-10 drops.  Make a spray with it by adding 3 drops to 3 ounces of water in a spray bottle. You can use the diluted recipe on your hands or rub a few drops on the bottom of your feet. A few drops in a bowl of steaming hot water makes a wonderful spa like experience.

When using directly on skin, do a small patch test first and be careful or avoid using altogether on babies and smaller children.

I have been using this recipe with my family for over 10 years. I keep a bottle of this spray in my purse at all times. 

If you are lazy like me, you can also buy a pre made version ready to use  click here.

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