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Kletterwald “Climbing Forest” Neroberg

Climb among the trees at the Wiesbaden Neroberg Kletterwald. This ropes course offers adventure for the thrill seeker and the not so thrill seeker!

Kletterwald in Neroberg

Channel your inner Tarzan! Swing down ropes and climb within the trees at the Wiesbaden Neroberg Kletterwald! Located on the top of Wiesbaden in the beautiful Neroberg, this high ropes course… Read more

Fun for the Family at Freizeit Park Rutesheim

Are you and your family looking for an adventure? If yes, you should head to Rutesheim for a ropes course, archery, mini-golf, good eats and more! Who doesn’t like to swing from… Read more

Fahr zur Aar, a Car-free Cycling Event

The town of Taunusstein offers a bicyclist’s ultimate dream of open roads with no cars insight for miles during its annual cycling event Fahr zur Aar.

Family Fun at Freizeit Park Rutesheim

Freizeit Park Rutesheim (near Stuttgart) offers healthy fun for families outdoors! Activities include ropes course, archery, mini-golf, good eats and more!

Draisine Tour- Travel by Trolley

Take a scenic tour while having a real workout on a Draisine. A Draisine is a trolley that travels along railroad tracks and is propelled by its riders. Pack yourself a picnic basket or dine at one of the restaurant along the way.