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Grilled Salmon

3 Recipes for a Low-Calorie Day

When trying to lose weight, watching your calorie intake is perhaps the easiest way. But you can make it through your entire day without going hungry.


Look and Feel Your Best for Summer

It is possible to start losing the excess body fat sensibly by cutting down the carbohydrates, reducing sugar, and saying a big no to alcohol and soft drinks. And best of all by incorporating some some fast calorie burning food items.

Low Calorie Breakfasts

Low-Calorie Breakfasts that Don’t Taste like Cardboard

Here’s a few healthy and energy packed breakfasts to jump start your day and weight loss goals.

How to Pair the Right Diet with Crossfit Training

Crossfit training has become one of the most popular and innovative ways to lose weight and get healthy and strong.

Stay Healthy not Starving

Staying Healthy Not Starving

Here are a few helpful tips to get you on track towards a simply healthier diet without starving yourself.

Don’t Trust Your Scales!

Don’t Trust Your Scales! They lie to you…

Ok maybe that is a little over dramatic, they will hopefully tell you the correct weight. However what you can learn from that may not be what you think. You… Read more

Screw Willpower

Screw Willpower…Make A Plan!

Willpower is a concept often bandied around the fitness and weight loss communities as the all important factor that holds so many people back from achieving their goals. However we… Read more

Ask yourself where you want to be. How will your health be, how will this show up in your life. Be inspired and say how you want to be. Don’t let anything conscious affect your thoughts here, just think it and be inspired.

The answer to the health and weight you want? – Part II

It’s about emotions, not diets! In the first part of this blog I talked of what I see as the issues which stop people reaching their true potential in their… Read more

The answer to the health and weight you want?

The answer to the health and weight you want? – Part I

It’s about emotions, not diets! I get asked all the time what I think of this diet, or that. The 5:2… it used to be Dukan, Weight-Watchers, I’ve had them… Read more

5 Not So Healthy ‘Health Foods’!

If you are attempting to improve your eating habits, this is a useful read in order to make the right adjustments to your meal plans. It may surprise you that some… Read more