The answer to the health and weight you want?

The answer to the health and weight you want? – Part I

It’s about emotions, not diets!

I get asked all the time what I think of this diet, or that. The 5:2… it used to be Dukan, Weight-Watchers, I’ve had them all.

Now I love nutrition and have immersed myself in learning as much as I can about it over the last 5 years, but what I’ve come to understand is that it’s just not that hard.

In fact it’s pretty simple.

In week 1 of coaching my clients I ask them two things they want to change about their nutrition that week. I don’t tell them anything. For 100% number 1 will be no/or less sugar, and often number 2 is no crappy refined carbs.

Amazing hey? Well no!

I haven’t done anything apart from help the client set their own mindset. They now own their choices – they are not mine- and when we own our choices we are more likely to follow them.

Health improvement, weightloss, transforming ones life; is all in the mind!


Most people I speak to will tell me that they want to change something about their weight, their fitness, their life.

And they really mean it.

But they don’t do it.

When people do actually try they unfortunately usually fail.

Every time they fail this leaves internal pain and conflict, and an imbedded deep-rooted fear of trying again.


People believe it’s about the how and what- what diet, how to train etc.
Sure this is important.

But for the vast majority of those who have failed it is simply not the problem.

“I really want to improve my health. I really do. But I just don’t seem to be able to do it. “

My aim in life is to help as many people as possible to get through this seemingly irrational position.

I aim to do this through starting with a simple technique

• Where are you now?

• Where do you want to be? …. And fundamentally ‘why’?

• What stops you?

In part two of this blog series I will talk you through this process above. You will need 30 minutes, some quiet space, and contemplation.

Healthy regards


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