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Aachen Cathedral

3 Cultural World Heritage Sites in Germany

Germany is a country that has developed a rich culture over centuries and it is blessed with 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites for culture. Here’s 3 of them.


Discover Aachen

The German city of Aachen lives and breathes Europe. The city has some beautiful historical sites to enjoy, whilst offering the vibe of a modern city

Advent in the Rhineland Region

The Rhineland region offers some exceptional Christmas markets. Dusseldorf, (Köln), Aachen and Bonn are four of the best in the region.

Nuernburg Christkindlemarket

Top 5 Christmas Markets in Germany

Bavarian Munich to the small traditional town of Goslar up to the north and over to the east, the following five markets are my favorite in Germany.

Aachen Christmas Market

The World-Famous Aachen Christmas Market

The tradition of Christmas markets goes back centuries, both in Europe and in America. However, if an American ever gets the chance to explore European Christmas markets, especially in Germany, count yourself blessed.

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