Less than excited about moving to Germany?

by Susan Melnyk

So, it’s happened.  Orders have arrived and you’re set to move to Germany in the next few months.  Time to panic, right?  Wrong!  You’re going to love it!  But the attitude you have as you arrive can set the tone for your tour in Europe.

Things are going to be a bit different than you are used to back at home.  You won’t understand the language and some of the customs will seem hard to comprehend, but look at this as an adventure!  You’ll be able to find most of the regular things you’ll need at your commissary and PX/BX, but you have the opportunity to find so much more on the local economy.  You can travel to other countries as a day trip, explore the little towns nearby, and enjoy food and experiences that your friends back home only dream about.

If homesickness still takes hold, despite how busy you manage to stay, there is a fantastic community here that understands what you’re going through and your family and friends are just a phone call (or webcam chat) away!  And don’t forget that you won’t live in Europe forever, so take advantage of the time you have overseas and make some memories you can take back with you when your tour is complete.

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