PCSing to Germany

PCSing to Germany

by Susan Melnyk

So, you’ve got your orders, the movers are scheduled and you’re starting to get excited (or jittery) about your PCS.  Take a look through our LIFE page to learn more about living in Germany and visit the following websites to get a little insight into your new home. Great food, friendly people, road trips, inexpensive flights to other countries, and the largest American military community outside of the U.S.!  Welcome home!

Ramstein Air Base has a terrific information page for those PCSing to and from Germany.  Whether you are Army, Air Force, or Civilian, the entire website has helpful information for all!

The Find-It Guide is the phone directory for the American and German community near military installations, particularly the Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Landstuhl, Baumholder, Wiesbaden, and Stuttgart areas.  There is also a free iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry app that will allow you to look up phone, website, and address information of stores and services on the run.  The app even includes an Esso station finder, where you’ll be able to use your American Forces Esso gas card off base while traveling in Germany.  You should receive a print copy of the Find-It Guide as soon as you arrive and if you download the Find-It-Guide app once you have a cell phone in Germany, you’ll be on your way to getting settled in!

Check out the American Military newspaper for your community to start learning about news and events in your local area:

Herald-Union for the Wiesbaden Area (published twice a month)

Kaiserslautern American for the Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, and Landstuhl communities (published weekly)

Stuttgart Citizen for the Stuttgart community (published twice a month)

Need to buy a few things once you arrive?  Classified World is an American-German classified website that serves the military communities in Germany.  Your private ads can include photos and are absolutely free (commercial ads posted by companies are for a small fee) and are posted on the website as well as in the printed newspapers listed above.

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