The Importance of Hand Hygiene This Winter in Fighting the Norovirus

The winter months hold many challenges when it comes to maintaining health The Norovirus is something which has grabbed multiple headlines in recent years. Though there are many groups that are particularly at risk, the potential impact on military families is often forgotten. Little ones are likely to form close bonds in military environments, and with serving members of the community spending long periods of time in communal living spaces, viruses can spread like wildfire.

Thankfully though, there are positive steps you can take to minimise the risk to your family and others in the community, and hand hygiene should remain at the very top of your agenda. Here, we talk you through the simple yet highly effective 3-step regime for hand hygiene.

Step 1: Wash

A good hand washing technique is vital for removing germs from the hands and prevented further spread. Start by wetting the hands with water, then applying soap or a hand wash, thoroughly washing the hands, then rinsing and drying. The process should last at least 15 seconds to ensure a good clean.Wash hands sign - Military in Germany

Step 2: Sanitise

Hand sanitisers are incredibly convenient and easy to use, and although they should never be used as an alternative to hand washing completely, it’s always worth having a selection of products that you can use at home and on the go. For some of the best products on the market, check out Care Shop. The Cutan and Purell brands are particularly popular, and have even been used by professionals working in care settings.

Step 3: Moisturise

The benefits of moisturising are not so well documented when it comes to hand hygiene, though it’s a very important part of the process. Regular moisturising helps to keep the hands supple and soft, and reduces the risk of infections being spread from cracked skin. This is particularly crucial during the colder winter months, when many of us experience the effects of the frosty temperatures.

By ensuring that members of your community and your family are aware of the best practice when it comes to hand hygiene, you can play a role in keeping everyone safe and healthy this winter. Norovirus is a real threat and can have a significant impact if not managed effectively, but hand hygiene can go a long way towards fighting the dangers.

Do you take hand hygiene seriously? Have you incorporated the 3 steps into your daily routine?

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