Dressing up as Harry Potter Characters at Halloween

Halloween costume ideas for the whole family

Halloween is a many-a-children’s favorite time of the year. It is their chance to release their creativeness and become someone else for one day. It’s great fun if the whole family dresses up together as part of a theme. If you are lacking ideas for a costume, here are a few to get you going in certain directions. But I am sure you can think of more…

Ghost Busters

Ghostbusters halloween costume ideasThe eighties classic that has never really lost its charm. The whole family can dress up as a bunch of nutty parapsychology professors offering a ghost removal service. Or perhaps you can persuade Dad to be a giant Pilsbury Doughboy for the night?

Star Wars

darth-vader-costume-fc6581f9I think that it is only logical that you can have a Star Wars theme for the whole family. The whole “Luke, I am your father!” thing can work wonders with a family. The choices are limitless. Dad can be Han Solo, Darth Vader or even Luke Skywalker. Mom can certainly be Princess Leia (or if you are a fan of the modern trilogy – Padme Amidala). The kids, in this case, can be a number of options, but I bet that they will want to be either Jedi Knights or Sith Lords (although, if the latter is the case, you might want to talk to them). A word of advice: get them some cool light-sabers – they will adore you for it!

Harry Potter

This movie series has delighted many a child (ok, adults too!) throughout the world. Children everywhere have enjoyed watching these movies with their families and who wouldn’t want the chance to become the ‘Boy Who Lived’, even if its just for Halloween! Why not give your kids this opportunity?

Dressing up as Harry Potter Characters at HalloweenWhen it comes to picking the costumes, the choices are pretty much limitless. The most obvious is of course the terrific trio of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley (with a fabulous crop of ginger hair and hand knitted jumpers) and brainbox Hermione Granger. What about the dastardly Draco Malfoy or the troublesome twins, George and Fred?

I’m pretty sure Dad would love to impersonate a great wizard for the night such as Professor Dumbledore or the Dark Arts loving Professor Snape (I would always prefer to be Snape myself), while mom might like to be the lovable Professor McGonagal or perhaps the dreadful Belatrix Lestrange with her wild hair and wilder temper! It would be fun to see if anyone can impersonate Hagrid!

Group costumes are always a fun thing to do, whether you are with a bunch of friend or a family. No matter which group costume you choose, I’m sure that you will be the hit of the evening no matter where you go with your family. Children will love it more than anyone else and you will give them a Halloween to remember, surely.

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