Explore Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps

photos by Isabell Smith


Looking for a ton of outdoor activities in one spot to keep the whole family busy? Whether you’ve got a week or weekend, you should absolutely consider Berchtesgaden, which is located in the German Alps near the border of Austria.

Home to the Berchtesgaden National Park, which offers spectacular views, the third largest mountain in Germany and a glacial lake, you’ll experience some of the best nature activities in the country. These include skiing during the winter, rock climbing during the summer, and cycling nearly all year round.

But Berchtesgaden really shines when it comes to hiking. In addition to mountain trails – which are many and easily found – walkers have the chance to see a stunning variety of beauty. Check out the Hintersee, a lake which has been a magnet for artists for centuries. While you’re at it, disappear into the Zauberwald for a while: it is rightly billed as a magical forest and lovely during any month of the year.

As a bonus, the town of Berchtesgden is filled with both German Alpine charm and adventures of a more tranquil sort. The food is spot-on, and there are ample opportunities for window shopping. And, if you want a more laid-back weekend, send everyone else to the trails while you relax in one of Berchtesgaden’s thermal spas.

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Berchtesgaden in the German Alps

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