Hamburg during advent is very kid-friendly.

Christmas Activities for Kids in Hamburg

Every year at advent, the numerous enchanting Christmas markets stretch out across Hamburg’s city centre – which makes buying presents a real experience. If you haven’t visited the “Harbour City” yet, then then Advent is the perfect time, especially with children – it’s simply enchanting.

A special feature this time of year is the famous Fairy-tale Ships for kids. For 26 years now, they have been thrilling children on the Inner Alster (Ballindamm). Each of the five ships offers its own programme and many are free of charge!

Hamburg during advent is very kid-friendly.On two Bakery Ships from the “Dat Backhus” bakery, every day children of 3 years and older can bake fine Christmas biscuits and then take them home with them. Yummy!

There are playful and colourful things happening on the Dream Ship. Children’s dreams come true here: there are the latest Ravensburger games to try, the best audio books to relax with in the listening corner, plenty of things to read and naturally children’s face-painting which turns all the kids into mythical creatures.

Hamburg during advent is very kid-friendly.The Café Ship is already a tradition in Hamburg’s winter magic. This is where parents meet when the children are busy with the Christmas baking. And it’s possible to enjoy the winter backdrop of the Hanseatic city right on the water. This is an ideal place to fortify yourself and relax in the middle of between Christmas shopping. In addition to coffee and cake, visitors can choose between the numerous Christmas delicacies. For the children there is a special “children’s table”, with baked surprises and a drink.

Hamburg during advent is very kid-friendly.The Theatre Ship offers a different hand-on programme each day: with the witch Akiwa, who needs the children’s help to regain her magical powers. Buffalo hunting with the “Hagenunus” is also exciting.

There is so much more to discover in Hamburg. To get the tips and the best deals on trips to Hamburg, contact Hamburg Tourismus.

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