3 great restaurants in Munich

story and photos by John Thompson

Although Munich is most well-known as the home of Oktoberfest, there is so much more to this beautiful city and its incredible restaurants are one of its best draws. Choosing to visit Munich during the festival off-season will save you from fighting the huge crowds of tourists that descend during Oktoberfest, as well as make your visit less expensive.  Hotel rates increase dramatically during Oktoberfest, so plan your trip accordingly and enjoy these three great restaurants while you’re there!

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A little background

The German name for Munich is “München” (pronounced MYOON- chin). With 1.6 million inhabitants, it is Germany’s third largest city. Like Texans, Bavarians are very proud of their state and consider themselves to be a unique part of Germany with its own sense of history and culture.

Munich is home to many great museums, art galleries and other attractions, but make sure you make time for a visit to at least one traditional Bavarian restaurant. Be prepared to be seated with the locals and get into animated but friendly conversations, because the Bavarians are, above all, noted for their outgoing and friendly manner.

Bavarian restaurants are unique

Typically the meats and sausages are grilled on wood on an open fire. Bavarians are avid beer drinkers and you’ll find some of the world’s best beer right here in the city.

There are many great restaurants in Munich, and Mr. Gerhard Leicher, who is a consultant to the German restaurant industry and who has lived in Munich for over 20 years, shared his favorites with us. The following three are on Frauenplatz within 30 yards of each other.

Bratwurst Glöckl Restaurant in Munich

1.) Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom

This restaurant was originally built in 1893 but rebuilt after it was bombed during WWII. Click here to watch a little film about the restaurant (in German, but you will get a great look at the restaurant).

Preview the menu here www.bratwurst-gloeckl.de
Click on “Speisekarte” (meaning “Menu”) then click on the British flag for English

Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom
Frauenplatz 9
80331 Munich
tel: 089-220 385

Augustiner Am Dom Restaurant in Munich

2.)  Augustiner am Dom

This restaurant is packed with locals, which is a great sign anywhere you find yourself in the world. The food is typically hearty and very Bavarian, and they have their own fresh beer.

Try the Grilled Suckling Pig filet (Spanferkelfilets vom Grill) or the braised Munich Ox Meat (Münchener Ochsenbraten). Another good bet is the Deer Goulash (Hirschgulasch).

Augustiner am Dom
Frauenplatz 8
80331 Munich (next door to the Bratwurst Glöckl above)
tel: 089-2323, ext 8480

Andechser Am Dom Restaurant in Munich, Germany

3.) Andechser am Dom

This restaurant has won numerous awards and it is frequented by many well-known locals. Famous for its schnitzel, the Andechser also boasts incredible roast pork with a dark Andechser beer sauce (Schweinsbraten aus dem „Bayrischen Land“ mit Andechser Dunkelbiersoße).  Also recommended are the grilled Bavarian Duck (Halbe Bayrische Bauernente vom Grill) and Strips of Veal in a Cream Sauce with Spätzle (Kalbsrahmgeschnetzeltes mit Spätzle).

Andechser am Dom
Weinstrasse 7a
80333 Munich
tel: 089-298-481

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