Early morning run in Mannheim

13 Weeks till London Marathon 2014

We are serialising the running blog of David Sweeney, who is training for the London Marathon in April 2014 and raising money for charity along the way… 

WEEK 2, 2014

This was my first full week back after the Christmas holidays. First week back at work and first week back training. I had asked my training instructor to send me a calorie burning, high intensity plan to get rid of some of the weight that I gained over the holidays, and I got what I asked for; a good solid 8 hour plan of running, biking and one swim session. I managed to get everything in apart from the swim session, as the pool was closed when I got there after work! Swimming pools in Germany really frustrate me, they are either packed full, have no swimming lanes, or stupid opening hours. Anyway, I finished off the week today with a really nice 2 hour, 20k run in the forest behind my house, and then went for brunch with my wife and some friends.

I thought about completely abstaining from alcohol until after the London Marathon, but thats a long time to go without a beer or glass of wine! So I have made a compromise and told myself that I will abstain all week and have a few glasses of wine only on the weekend, staying away from beer as much as possible as that bloats me big time. We will see how this “compromise” works out in the coming weeks (will also have one or two get-out-of-jail-free-cards for birthdays etc) .

I calculated today that its actually 13 weeks till the London Marathon so that gives me plenty of time to get match fit again. Have to say though, that the 20k run today was pretty good. I kept a good pace of around 0545 per KM and was running faster at the end than I was at the start.

Signed up for the Mannheim Marathon on Saturday too! Thats May 31st. 🙂

TOTAL this week – 7 hours
Weigh in – 91.3 KG.
Target weight for April 2014 – 87 KG.

David Sweeney's Marathon JourneyAuthor profile:
David Sweeney lives in Mannheim and is a Used Car Guy in Kaiserslautern. He’s a runner, skier and social animal all rolled into one! He ran his first marathon in Dublin on October 29 2012 to lose weight, prove something to himself, and to raise money in memory of his cousin who died in 2011. You can follow his own online blog here or see weekly updates on Military in Germany. You can donate to his fundraising efforts for Addaction here

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